House Peek of the Week – Frog Hollow


What do you do when your home has been flooded, it is falling apart at the seams and your builder tells you it would be cheaper to build a new house?

You do what this Long Island family did. They tore it down.

Enter the Interior Design firm of Anthony-Wright and architects, Arthur Fraser & Associates. Homeowners and professionals began the design process by sitting down and having several brain storming sessions where they all plowed through reference books and magazines and threw ideas back and forth. At the end, the final decision was made. The house would be fashioned after a traditional McKim, Mead & White styled Hamptons home complete with cozy nooks and crannies with the goal of having it feel as though it had been there forever.…..

What they did:


Each room flows into the next and has the same mood. So what makes this house special?


– The ceiling heights here are 9′ making any sized room feel more spacious.

– The moldings are thick and substantial. Consider them the ‘frame’ of the room.

– Additional woodwork throughout this house adds to the old world charm and gives the house character, age and depth.

– Designers, Susan Anthony and Maureen Wright, established the general color scheme. Blue, beige and white for the living space and greens for the kitchen and dining area.


Molding, molding and molding. The round vaulted ceiling adds a few more feet of height in this space which also differentiates it from the other rooms. The shape of the two round lanterns softens the room and the black & white framed photos, three on the wall balanced by the two on the antique sofa table adds subtle interest. (Groupings should always be done in uneven numbers)

The furnishing selection here is key. Anthony & Wright chose all wood, appropriate for a front hall, but each distinctly different and with great detailing. To give a space that ‘layered’ look, wood and soft furnishings should not necessarily be a matched ‘set’.


Anthony & Wright chose several shades of blue and mixed compatible geometric patterns with the exception of a fabulous print for the drapery.

The drapery are simple panels that slightly puddle on the floor (perfect!) and are hung from high poles set at the bottom of the ceiling molding. Why so high? It makes the windows and the room look larger. However, the large lantern centered in the middle of the room breaks up an otherwise visually open space and gives balance to the room. Here, the combination of traditional and new furnishings subtly and harmoniously live side by side.


Pale, pale green with floor to ceiling cabinetry – another illusion trick to keep the space visually big. The simplicity, yet elegance of the cabinetry and the single pane of glass on the cabinet doors keeps the look clean. The kitchen floors are wood as they are throughout the house keeping the space feeling again… consistent.……….


A real mix of flavors are enjoyed in this room. The vertical wood plank back of the breakfront with the individually acquired plates, paintings and pottery would have become the focal point of this room had it not been for those fabulous upholstered chairs with the contrasting charcoal polka-dot backs. The chandelier is not extravagant but rather simple and who wouldn’t want a fireplace roaring while dining in this room on a cool night? A mention has to be given to the simplicity of the green edged sisal rug which seems to somehow format this space. Oh, and let’s not forget to drool over the fantastic floral and vine wall paper.



The tree wallpaper sets the stage for the mudroom. The floor to ceiling built in closets probably hold and hide everything neatly. But face it, the showstopper has to be those great sunflower scones!


For more information about the designers and architects, please log on to their websites listed below.



Susan Anthony

Anthony-Wright Interiors

Irvington-on-Hudson, New York




Arthur Fraser

Arthur Fraser & Associates

Southampton, New York


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