I love when people walk the walk and John Nikas and his Austin-Healey, Grace,  actually Drive the Drive (if you can say that…).  He’s on a new trip and he’s driving and tweetin’ about it!


John Nikas and his Austin-Healey, Grace

John Nikas and his Austin-Healey, Grace


John is on a mission

He is not collecting signatures in the conventional way. People are signing his car,  Grace, the Austin- Healy.   So far he has driven from California to the East Coast and back and as of yesterday, he has just set off on a fifty state tour.


Ultimately, Grace became the perfect metaphor for people affected by cancer: hindered, impaired, damaged, but still capable of amazing feats. John explains: “To have actually made it in a car that hadn’t run in years, with a failing engine and a rotted body, that says something about carrying on. The fact that we made it means that anyone else can too. Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of going forward when things are great; sometimes we have to keep going when things are falling apart. The key is to press on regardless – even when the night is dark, the wind is cold and the oil pressure is falling into the single digits.

-John Nikas

See the video below to see what he is doing on the road and you will ask the question – how can you support him? Check out his site,  DRIVE AWAY CANCERTweet with him while he is on this trip and follow him on Facebook!  This is not about money. It’s about people caring about people.  Join in with John to Drive Away Cancer!  After all, sometimes you never know where the road will take you.


For more on John, go on over to Hemmings Motor News and read their article Driving Away Cancer: A 50-State Odyssey Begins!