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I will be honest with you. I have been waiting for this book since I closed the last page of it’s predecessor, A Discovery of Witches.  So here is fair warning. If you haven’t read A Discover of Witches, go get it now. While you are at it. Get Shadow of the Night at the same time.  Deborah Harkness is a riveting storyteller and one with whom I am really looking forward to spending more time!


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Here is a review from Publishers Weekly.  I can’t give you one because I am waiting for my pre-order to arrive on July 10th!


"Propelled by her successful fiction debut, A Discovery of Witches, historian Harkness concocts an energetic if chaotic sequel filled with witches, daemons, vampires, wearhs, weavers, and warm-bloods (aka humans) racing to retrieve a lost manuscript that details the origins of supernatural species, which, in the wrong hands, could hasten their extinction. The first novel culminated in the mixed marriage of vampire/scientist Matthew de Clermont to historian/untrained witch Diana Bishop. This novel opens with the newlyweds time-traveling to Elizabethan England so Diana can study witchcraft; never mind they’re burning witches in Scotland or that in London an educated American woman doesn’t exactly blend in. There, they hope to retrieve magical manuscript Ashmole 782, last seen in Oxford’s 21st-century Bodleian library. Diana gets in touch with her inner firedrake, Matthew with his father, but they can’t find a tutor for ages, and they can’t rescue the manuscript without a trip to Prague. Supporting Diana and Matthew in their quest is a secret society that includes dashing Walter Raleigh and dangerous daemon Christopher Marlowe. Harkness delights in lining up the living dead and modern academic history, as in her explanation of how a forger named Shakespeare, with supernatural prompting, takes up playwriting. This tale of a feminist Yankee in Queen Elizabeth’s court charms amid the tumult, as the gifted heroine and her groom fight for generations and another sequel to come in order to protect the magical world that’s all around us."

— Publishers Weekly


If you are not a vampire and witch fan, no worries.  The story line is so fabulous, you will become a fan at the end!  Go for it!



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