Brimfield Alert: Forget TV Pickers, Meet the Real Mavericks of the Antiques World

What:  Brimfield Antique Market, home to 6000 Antique Booths

Where: Brimfield, Massachussets

When:  This week, September 2 – 9th

Just in case you don’t know, The Daily Basics and Fashion + Decor co-host the Brimfield Tweet-up, a huge meetup tent at the largest antique market in the world located in Brimfield, Massachussets.  Held three times a year, we normally do our Tweet-up at the May and September Brimfield Markets.  This year, we made the decision to only host it annually in May and make it ultra spectacular!    Join us in May, 2013!  Look for the sign up list when it is posted here on our site in February!

Lisa Hix over at Collectors Weekly, the premier publication on what’s going on in the world of antiques from clothing to furniture, wrote a fantastic article on the who and what’s of Brimfield this week.

"Long before Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz swaggered into the spotlight with “American Pickers,” writer Maureen Stantonbecame fascinated with another rugged Alpha Male of the antiques world. But unlike Wolfe and Fritz, the handsome, brash 40-something man she calls by the pseudonym “Curt Avery” tends to avoid the spotlight.

“Brimfield is like a big outdoor museum where you can touch stuff.”

Avery, with his muscular arms and mop of curly black hair, is a professional antiques hustler, wheeling and dealing at flea markets all over the country—30 or 40 per year. And between September 4 and 9, 2012, he’ll be one of thousands of vendors at the last Brimfield Antique Show of the year, the largest such outdoor flea market in the country, which happens three times a summer. Most likely, he’ll be operating on a few hours of sleep and propping himself up on what he calls the “dealer’s cocktail” of Pepto-Bismol and aspirin.  continue- read the full article here "

— Lisa Hix


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