Never Pay Retail Again the HUKKSTER Way

Hukkster, Your New Best Shopping Friend

You might have heard the buzz about these two young entrepreneurs, Erica Bell and Katie Finnegan, who have come up with a very cool, very easy to use online Shopping Manager that will

  • notify you when items you want to buy go on sale
  • help empty your inbox of individual retailer’s emails
  • streamline your life

Hukkster, (a derivative from Huckster- a peddler or salesman) is going to show you how to save money on everything you buy… EVERYTHING.


How it Works

Hukking is similar to Pinning on Pinterest.   Go to your favorite store or one listed on Hukkster and go shopping. If you want to buy something, you will HUKK it, that is click on it and put it onto your personal Hukkster page.  Now, here is where it gets really good.  When that item goes on sale, Hukkster will notify you. In other words… you will never pay retail again.


Meet Erica and Katie

The Daily Basics was able to talk with co-founders, Erica and Katie about Hukkster, the sales opportunities and how you will be integrating Hukkster into your lives.  (Click on the video below for a quick overview on how to use it.)

Erica Bell and Katie Finnegan, co-founders of Hukkster


So far, what is the coolest and best Hukk each of you have ever found?

Erica: I am in love with the Edaline Silk Tie Blouse at Piperlime. It’s the perfect fall top and I saved over $100 with a coupon code when I received my Hukkster alert on November 19th. We have seen some incredible sales all month long and they continue to get better and better.

I am also in love with this Intermix Helmut Lang Slack Jersey Twist Dress. I tried it on at the store and just couldn’t afford to pay full price at the time, but when I received my notification that it was on sale for $153.30, I just had to have it at 40% off!

Katie: I’m embarrassed to say but I hukk’d a vacuum cleaner this month and I was floored when a notification hit my inbox today! The vacuum (Dyson), originally $649, is on sale now for $487 – that’s $162 in savings that I can put towards my holiday gifts.

I am also obsessed with this Madewell perfect chambray ex-boyfriend shirt in ferrous wash that went on sale for 25% off this week! It’s the perfect, wear-with-anything top.


Will you be providing a full list of available retailers to get people started?

We actually just rolled that out today! Now when you visit our site you can reference featured stores on the featured stores tab. Our members are not limited to these stores but we wanted to help provide a list of available retailers to get them started hukking.


Is your end goal to give every retailer, small and large access to being a Hukkable site? How can a retailer apply to be put in your system?

Yes, ultimately we would like our members to be able to hukk products at all stores online. If a retailer is interested in joining our network of featured stores, they can email us directly at


Are you limiting this to strictly fashion or will you be expanding into other categories as well?

You can think of Hukkster as your online shopping manager. While our focus today is fashion, we do not limit our members to this product category. We track home goods, sporting goods and electronics to name a few and anticipate Hukkster expanding into even more product categories.


Will there be an option for users to ‘share’ their boards similar to the private boards that Pinterest just enacted?

Just in time for the holiday season, our members can curate and share custom Hukkster lists with friends and family. This is a great way to share your own holiday wish list, track the perfect gifts for a special someone and buy at the perfect time.


Where do you seeing Hukkster going?

We envision our members using Hukkster to manage all of their online shopping. It will revolutionize the way people shop online, saving shoppers time and money so they can spend it on more important things.


Congratulations on your recent good news and association with the Winklevoss Brothers. Will they be taking an active every day roll in Hukkster? AND… do THEY Hukk?

Thank you so much! Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have joined our team as strategic investors. They will be a tremendous asset to Hukkster, providing the company with vital resources as we continue to scale quickly. Of course they hukk!




Join us pinning your favorite pins and savings on

Hukkster #HowMuchDidYouSave

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