Holiday Skin: Get Gorgeous in Five Days Flat!

Beautiful Holiday skin
Beautiful skin just in time for your holiday event!

If you want gorgeous, glowing holiday skin quickly, follow this skin care plan, and in 5 short days, you’ll be the one sparkling at the party.


The Gorgeous Holiday Skin 5-day Plan


Day 1: Implement a healthy skin care routine two times a day


One of the most basic an effective skin care tips is to set up a consistent care regime, and to stick it.  When you do this, your skin has an opportunity to “learn” what to do with the ingredients and technology being used. Just like how your body adjusts to your diet, your skin will adjust to your routine rapidly. Do your routine two times a day, once in the morning, and once at night. For this 5-day holiday skin plan, use the exact same routine both times, except no sunscreen at night.  A basic skin care routine should include cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen (even in the winter). To get your holiday skin glow going, I recommend making your routine as easy as possible by buying a pre-made travel size skin care kit designed for your skin type. As part of the 5-day plan, I also recommend that you exfoliate your face on day 1, and on day 4.  Your exfoliant can be as simple as mixing baking soada and water into a paste, and moving it around in small circles all over you face and neck. Once you rinse, your skin will look and feel completely refreshed.


Day 2: Adjust your diet


green juice

Your diet over the next few days will make or break your holiday skin care efforts.  The success of the plan requires four things:

  • drink at least 84 oz. of water each day
  • eat as clean as possible for the next four days.
  • eliminate processed foods and unhealthy fats
  • eliminate alcohol until the night of the party

When I do my own version of the 5-day holiday skin plan, I do a juice cleanse starting on day two through day four.  The cleanse I do is super easy, and makes my skin absolutely radiant because it helps to remove the toxins from my system.  A lot of my clients don’t know what a juice cleanse is, or think it is something that will keep you in the bathroom for days.  The best way I can describe the one I do is that it is exactly like being a vegetarian for three days, and instead of plates of fruits and veggies, you simply drink them. You can make your own juices at home, but it is a lot of work as you will be making a total of 288 oz of juices, out of approximately 45 lbs of fruits and veggies.  The juice cleanse I do is The Ritual Wellness “Classic Reset” Cleanse. They make it to order and deliver it to my front door (they also ship nationally). If you want to try this cleanse, Ritual Wellness has extended a 10% discount until 12/31/12 for The Daily Basics readers code: DBRESET


Day 3: Sweat it out


Ideally, you are already exercising regularly. If you are, keep it up! Not only does it increase circulation, but it also help move toxins out of your body–especially helpful if you are eating clean. Another way to sweat it out is to take a steam.  If you belong to a gym or a spa that has a steam room, use it on days 3 and 5 of the holiday skin plan.  Simply sit in the steam room for 10-15 minutes, and sweat. If you do not have access to a steam room, make your bathroom into one by closing any windows, placing a towel under the door, and turning the shower on full blast, set to very hot.  DO NOT get in the shower, just sit in the enclosed room. Tip: For a spa-like touch, put a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil on a sponge and place inside the shower.


Day 4: Fluff & Fold


Woman with facial mask

In our house “fluff & fold” simply refers to personal services like getting your hair done, going to the spa for a facial, and so on.
Some of these services are relaxing and wonderful, some are uncomfortable or irritating, but all must be perfectly timed for your holiday skin to be its best.

Here are the services I recommend doing on day 4:

  • Facial: add-on microdermabrasion if it’s offered
  • Body treatments: especially massage
  • Waxing*
  • Hair coloring*
  • Spray tan*

Items marked with an * should never be done on the day of an event because they are the services most likely to cause a reaction on the skin.

Whether you choose to have your holiday skin treatments done for you, or do it yourself, day 4 is designed to provide maximum benefit for your skin, and to relax you.  Look here to find a spa near you. If you do decide to do your own spa day at home, check out these effective, pumpkin skin care recipes.


Day 5: Get your glow on


Will your party outfit show more skin then you normally show during the winter? If so, be sure to do an all over body scrub while showering, just be careful not to slip from the oils.  You can make your own body scrub, but my personal favorite this year is Laura Mercier Creme de Pistache Body Scrub –it smells so great, and removes the bumps and dry skin immediately for super-smooth skin. Tip: For extra glow, take a pinch of raw mineral eye pigment like e.l.f. Studio Pigment Eyeshadow in “Naturally Nude” , and mix it in with a 1/4 cup of your favorite body lotion. Mix really well, and then apply to your freshly scrubbed skin. two people in bed The most fun way to get your glow on (IMHO) is by having sex. Why is sex is great for your skin?  First, having sex helps to improve your blood circulation, which increases oxygen to repair cell damage.  Sex also reduces hormone levels which can clear breakouts on the skin, and make you glow.  The surprising bonus of sex as part of your holiday skin routine is it also boosts collagen production!       Disclosure: Although I am a big fan of the folks at Ritual Wellness and their products, I am not financially compensated, or affiliated with them in any way. .

So, what would you add to this plan to have beautiful holiday skin?

Jackie Bernardi

Jackie Bernardi is a licensed Esthetician with a specialty in medical esthetics. In 2010, she created the Personal Skin Solutions’ programs.  These programs are designed to provide a complete and thorough understanding of each individual’s very specific skin care needs so that they can obtain exceptional results.
The launch of the website,   has allowed her the opportunity to follow her true calling: helping women everywhere achieve health, beauty, and confidence through their skin.  When not working individually with her clients, she can be found presiding over her company OC Skin Solutions LLC, guest blogging, speaking at events and training other beauty professionals.  Jackie lives in Newport Beach, California with her husband, their kids, and a crazy Vizsla pup “Archie.” Oh, and she wants you to have beautiful holiday skin.

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