We have a car review every once in a while, but this year, we decided to hightail it over to the New York Auto Show to see for ourselves what the heck is going on in the world of cars.  After all, we are a lifestyle blog and a HUGE part of most of our lives are in our cars.

The Auto Show is at the New York Javits Center from March 29th  until Sunday, April 7th (including Easter Sunday!)  If you are shopping for a car, it’s a must.  If you and/or your spouse are car lovers, you will have a fabulous time.  It is just an amazing display of technological innovations and dream machines.


The Jeep Cherokee -Hands on the Wheel, Eyes on the Road

Many cars were breathtakingly awesome, but one car did stand out for us a the show.


The two engineers of the new Jeep Cherokee, Christine Barman and Audrey Moore

The 2014 Jeep Cherokee which is replacing the newly retired Jeep Liberty. The unveiling of it had taken  place on Facebook the day before we went to the show and we were intrigued. Shortly after arriving at the Jeep booth, we had the amazing good fortune to be introduced to the two engineers on the car. Two women – Christine Barman and Audrey Moore.  Seasoned design engineers, they were given the task of creating an all terrain vehicle that could double as a luxury vehicle.  A car that would be beloved by women and coveted by men.


Mind you, their main mantra is safety – Hands on the Wheels, Eyes on the Road.  In saying that, so many of their design features are geared towards hands-off operations such as controls on the steering wheel, intuitive functioning, fluid touch screen operations and voice control on many features. .


They did that and a few more great points such as:.

  • 31 miles per gallon

  • Rides and appears like a luxury vehicle

  • Has high performance rough terrain capabilities  – a hard ‘working’ car

  • Mid sized SUV – Perfect for a single person or sits five comfortably and is totally kid friendly

  • Deviates from the boxy traditional rugged Jeep look while still keeping signature Jeep design elements

  • Attention to space planning – The back seats can be adjusted for the long legged

  • Attention to intuitive usage

  • Option of two-wheel or automatic intuitive four-wheel drive

  • Hidden compartments to accommodate laptops and hidden storage

  • Built in electronic recharging station, telephone docking and a high functioning center console

  • Oversized open air sliding sun roof which is their exclusive design

  • Designed for men

  • Designed for women

  • Designed for families

  • Much more to see. Explore it here.


How lucky were we to have such a comprehensive grand tour of this fabulous vehicle by its engineers? The fact that Christine and Audrey took such time and interest in talking to us is proof of their passion for this car, their baby.  Their dedication and enthusiasm to producing a quality vehicle is reflective of the quality company for which they work. Jeep cares about the drivers who buy their cars and it shows.

.Should you be at the car show this week, be sure to stop by Jeep Cherokee on the second level and you will surely be greeted by dedicated Jeep folks – perhaps even Christine and Audrey!

Availablity:  Third quarter 2014.  Pre-orders in August, 2014