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front pageA few weeks ago our contributing editor, Lynn McBride wrote a post about the two gals who have founded a new book recommendation site called, Shelf Pleasure.  Leave it to Lynn to see a good fit for The Daily Basics when she sees it!  We were looking for great book conversation, reviews and a place where you can write a post or a review. SO, we’ve gotten together with Shelf Pleasure and asked them to take a permanent spot on our front page under the main picture board. From there, you can link over to them from us anytime, but we will also keep you appraised of what they are doing.  Every Thursday, just in time for you to decide what you’re reading for the weekend, there will be a blog post of what Shelf Pleasure did that week and links to their recommendations and book trailers.

Shelf Pleasures editors, Stacy and Kristen both come from book editorial backgrounds, so it stands to reason that their site has pinpointed what women want to read.  Shelf Pleasure has some fabulous features and the following will give you a good idea of what you can find there.


Tuesdays -List of New Book Releases

Thursdays – Book Trailer of the week

Editorial Calender ties into events and holidays

What Shelf Pleasure offers you:

Thoughtful and humorous content related to books and a community of passionate readers who can interact and offer opinions, recommendations, and commentary.


A new title for those to read together every couple of months. Titles chosen will be ones that the editors have been looking forward to reading or look like they’d spark a great discussion. Recommendations are also drawn from the community and authors.

Old but not forgotten reads:

Older books are revisited if they relate to something topical or timely or if it’s a book a contributor has rediscovered and wants to share the find.


The forums are a spot for:

  • people to share their thoughts on books or authors
  • a place for mom’s to talk about reading to/with their kids
  • for movie fans to discuss latest adaptions (anything from who should play a beloved character to which book should never have been turned into a movie!)
  • anything else that they want to talk about with fellow readers


A place to say your piece!

Books and the act of reading in general can elicit strong reactions, and love / hate is the spot to express these emotions. Some of the topics have been:

  • essays that rave about a book just finished or a rant about one they hated.
  • essays recently on rediscovering the joy of real books after spending time with an ebook
  • the love of a juicy romance novel
  • a rant against self published books that aren’t edited as thoroughly as they should be before hitting the market.


Follow Shelf Pleasure:

Twitter   @Shelf Pleasure

Facebook – Shelf Pleasure

Pinterest – Shelf Pleasure


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