I love the HGTV show “Love It or Leave It?” where the issue is to stay and remodel an existing home or move to a new home. Thus, the parallel to downsizing to the love it or leave it question. The two main characters fight between themselves as to keep or not to keep the TV episode’s home. This same battle goes on with ourselves or often our spouse whether to keep our belongings or not . . . and it can be a battle..

So as to ease up on the battle scars, try using three questions for all items that are in the zone of the painful indecision state:

1. Do I Love It?

2. Will I Use It?

3. Or Forget It?

This same question on the show is so applicable to downsizing or organizing our existing homes. We must go through a process of asking ourselves do we love an item or leave it meaning – it’s outta here!


Will you forget it?

If you want to put it in the forget it list you can either offer your items to family members, donate to charity or simply trash it.


Do you really want to save all that ‘stuff’ in a storage unit? PURGE and here’s how you can make moving day less stressful!

Bob and I moved into an apartment for a year and a half while we were gutting and renovating an old home that we call Cypress. Of course, to go from a 3600 square foot home to a 1200 square foot apartment including an office for my design business, needed some serious will we use it? sorting.

Embarrassingly so, we filled up 3 storage units in the process. But guess what? Not once did Bob and I miss or need something from all that STORED STUFF! Again and again we are reminded that we use only 20% of what we have while the other 80% takes up our storage space and…(for another post what our stuff does to us!)

Be gut wrenchingly honest on what you truly need in order to function. If you believe you will indeed use something you are keeping, where will you store it? I am still amazed at all the non-used items we have in our home that must get on a hit list of forget it items soon!


Will You Love It?


Barclay Butera knows how to do it right!

Giving away your most treasured positions is going to be hard to do. Interiors by Barclay Butera

So now for the toughest question on downsizing… what do you treasure, love, or value for whatever reason and how do you love it enough to keep it.

Keep only your treasures and what you truly treasure. Keep nothing out of guilt or condemnation. We’re so over that by now! And your reward of getting rid of so much stuff will be so great that you will ask yourself why it took you so long! Life is about living not about stuff. Free yourself up to live without all the encumbering items whether clothes, clutter of meaningless items, household goods never used and on and on.

Are these items really treasures? Of course not! But I myself am so not there yet in really getting down to the nitty gritty of sorting and deciding whether to Love It or Leave It.

But I am on a quest – goal – mission that, by golly, this is my year! All this unnecessary and encumbering stuff is outta here!

Now, if I can just get my hubby, Bob, on the same page…..