How To Create The Most Beautiful Flower Arrangements from Your Garden!

Flower Arrangements

by Olga Sahraoui – Jardin Majorele Flower Design


"One of the most attractive things about the flowers is their beautiful reserve."

— Henry David Thoreau

 flower arrangements

There is nothing so beautiful as flowers freshly cut from the garden!


This year summer  approached with extreme fluctuations in the weather slowing down the growing and blooming process in the gardens.  Finally, all the flowers are in bloom, creating a dazzling and fragrant display with a wonderful variety of flowers in every size, shape and color.  Certainly the best part of summer is July when everything is in full bloom and the perfect time to create beautiful flower arrangements.


 flower arrangements

You can enjoy viewing your garden yet most flowers there are perfect for cutting. This is a delightful way t0 bring your summer garden indoors in a beautifully arranged vase of fresh-cut flowers.


Simple Cut Flower Arrangements


 flower arrangements

Rule number one- keep your arrangement natural and simple


When cutting flowers for indoor display most florists and gardeners keep it simple.

You would rather fill a vase with a single flower such as bright and cheerful Gerbera Daisy, or you cut an armful of fragrant mixed flowers and plop them unceremoniously into a vase to create a freeform, free-spirited flower arrangement. Moreover, do not be upset if you do not have a required vase.  A good thing about garden flowers, they look chic and vintage in a metal bucket, a glass jar, a simple basket or ceramic old container. All variants will be an effective way to highlight cut flowers from your garden. Certainly, you can create far more dramatic floral displays by using three basic flower-arranging techniques.


How To Arrange Garden Cut Flowers
flower arrangements

Make sure there are no leaves below the waterline. That will shorten the life of your arrangement.


You always want to start with a clean vase.

As you place each flower into the arrangement, trim the stem to the desired height, cutting at a 45-degree angle. Every time you cut the flowers at an angle, you allow them to absorb more water, which will prolong the life of your flower arrangement.

 You definitely need to strip from the stem any leaves that will sit below the waterline in the finished arrangement. Not only will you be getting rid of this extra bulk making it easier to place flowers into the arrangement, but all left foliage will begin to decompose, shortening the life of your beautiful flowers and generating an unpleasant odor.

flower arrangements

Select your main flowers and add in leafy and airy stems







1.  To start making a garden flower bouquet, you have to create a foundation to provide basic structure to your arrangement. What to choose? Leafy, airy plants such as stems of Sage, fronds of Hearty Fern or simply any other green foliage that grows in your garden. Arrange greens in a loose, asymmetrical triangle to give the arrangement height and width.

2.  Next step is to select between 3 to five large-blossomed flowers to serve as a focal point. Dahlias, mini sunflowers, peonies are a great choice. Following a diamond pattern, place each stem into the arrangement, positioning the extra flower near the center of the diamond.

3.  To finish the arrangement you add stems of small-flowered plants to fill in.

It is that simple!

About Olga Sahraoui
flower arrangements

Olga Sahraoui

Olga founded Jardin Majorele Flower Studio with the philosophy of creating beautiful, memorable and unique events through floral design and decor. Her creative flair and stylistic approach allows her constantly to invent fresh and imaginative ways to incorporate flowers into special celebrations.

Olga traveled the world absorbing the cultures, their uniqueness, and art including a visit to Yves Saint Laurent home in Marrakech -Morocco.  Before founding Jardin Majorele Flower Design Studio, she earned her Masters in visual communication and linguistics, as well as associate degree in business hospitality management and event planning. She apprenticed in  flower design with Michael Gaffney, Oliver Giugni, Lewis Miller and other well-known New York floral boutiques.

Olga has created her own distinguished signature with Jardin Majorele Flower Design which is located in Maplewood, New Jersey.
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