The Birth of a New Wine Company – The Tuscan Sun Wines



Artist, Jennifer E. Young captured the essence of Tuscany in the labels she created for the seven wines

We were invited to a very special week-long celebration by our friend, Frances Mayes, world renown author of Under The Tuscan Sun.  Frances and her husband, Ed, were launching a beautiful new collection of wines called The Tuscan Sun Wines. The launch date?  The Fourth of July.

Tuscan Sun Wines

When I say a ‘beautiful collection of wines’, they are just that –  beautiful inside and out.  If you’ve read Frances’ books you will know that she is a magnificent writer – a wordsmith – and is passionate about food, wine and entertaining.  She and Ed gave much thought to selecting each wine and worked closely with plein air artist, Jennifer E. Young in creating the labels. Exquisitely executed with meaningful stories, the labels give a heartwarming insight to the carefully selected wines inside their bottles.


It all started when Frances and Ed realized that their favorite wines were available at some of their favorite trattorias and not distributed elsewhere.  With the help of vintner, Benedetto Baracchi, from the highly rated and acclaimed Baracchi Winery in Cortona, they meticulously sourced the wines and gathered them to create the newly formed Tuscan Sun Wines company.


Abbraccio, Pensiero, Auguri, Sentiero alla Casa, Permesso, and Tondo Tondo. Missing, but not forgotten is an exquisite Persecco – Toccare le Stella.  They are very affordable ranging from $12 to $22 a bottle.


Understanding  how and why the wines were named is indeed, part of the experience of drinking them.  When you buy your first bottle, make sure to read the beautiful label for at that point, you will be joining Frances and Ed Mayes in this very special next chapter of the Tuscan Sun life.

In the upcoming weeks, look for our travel and living in Italy posts which will include Tuscan recipes that will be paired with the new wines.

The wines will be sold in the United States beginning in September.  For more information on where you can buy them, please contact the Curious Cork.


An embrace

What is this happiness that keeps coming in waves?


A little gift

The lovely musical-chair rhythm of giving and giving leaves no one standing alone.


My Best To You

A toast to the Tuscans, who inspire the world to live like kings!

Sentiero alla casa

Path to the house

Food, wine, language, art, places—all are endless in Italy. Four lifetimes would not be enough to explore them.


May I Come In?

When the house is open, the mind swings open too.

Tondo Tondo

Italian wine and food seem like a birthright: you can taste your whole life.

Toccare le Stelle

Touch the stars

Tuscany is a world; Italy is a universe.





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