I have always left the car buying to my husband, Bill.  When he asks me what kind of car I want I tell him. Something that hold kids, groceries and I’d like it in green.  But as time has gone on,  my marriage to a car buff (who also restores old cars)  has rubbed off on me.  After all, our rule at night is whoever gets to the bedroom first gets to pick the programs on TV for the little time we are able to stay awake.  Since I am usually the last one, my choice of  HGTV’s House Hunter’s International and Grimm takes back seat to the tons of car shows that are on. From Wheeler Dealers, Mecum Auctions,  Chasing Classic Cars and even Patrick Dempsey’s Racing Le Mans – Bill has found those plus more and I have watched them.


In addition, as the Editor of The Daily Basics, I was invited to test drive the 2013-2014 cars with a group of women car writers last Spring in Oregon.  It really made me think about what a woman wants in a car.  Yes, we want the great driving machine but women normally just don’t look at a car the same way a man does.



What a Woman Wants …

We want comfort, easy to use, high tech connectivity and gas mileage.  Other than that, most women (certainly not all) could care less. As far as I am concerned, as long as it runs with the following points, I am one happy camper.


  • Built-in seat temperatures: heated for those cold winter mornings or ventilated- basically air conditioning for your bottom – on scorching days or  when you are having hot flashes
  • Leather interiors for easy to wipe up spills, dirt, dog hair, car-sick accidents

Easy & Safe Use of New Technology:

(This means you can find all the doo-dads easily and intuitively)

  • Built in GPS: which will include maps (touch screen or not), IPod connectivity, Blue Tooth and WiFi hotspot
  • Radio/Stereo that is easy to adjust at a quick glance
  • Steering Wheels:- adjustability, heated and are the controls for the GPS and Radio on the wheel
  • Seat adjustments so you can you find and operate them easily for yourself and to get the kids in and out of the back seats

Extra Necessities:

  • Plug-ins for Cell Phones, chargers and blue-tooth for hands free calling
  • Rear View Camera for backing up so you don’t hit the garbage cans in the driveway or the car parked behind you, both of which I have done
  • Airbags: as many as possible
  • Keyless pushbutton start

Gas Mileage:

  • How many miles per gallon does it get around town and the highway
  • How many gallons does the tank hold or in other words, how far can you drive on a tank of gas?



The Cars I Drove In Oregon

If you are car shopping, try one of these three sedans I drove out in Oregon;  The 2014 Mazda 6 , the 2014 Buick Verano  and the 2104 Kia Cadenza.   Mind you, I have never considered buying a sedan before because I was always driving the kids around, (in that case I would have loved the new Jeep Cherokee)but now that they are all driving their own set of wheels, I am enthralled with this category of car I have discovered.  Most of them have all the bells and whistles listed above but  interpreted in their own way. It comes down to personal preference and the right fit when making a decision.

As you can obviously tell, I am not a car reviewer.  However,  I’d like you to check out BJ Killeen’s Heels & Wheels: Holding the purse strings  on her take of women and cars as well as a great overview of all of the cars we drove in Oregon.

Buick Verano

Buick Verano-Turbo  2014 –  21 mpg in the city/32 mpg on the highway.  Overall evaluation:  One of the hottest, sportiest sedans you will ever drive. Did I love it – 5 stars .  LUV the price!  Kelley Blue Book Expert Rating: 6.9/ Consumer Rating: 9.1 – Starting price: $23,700.

kia cadenza

Kia Cadenza. 2014 19 mpg in the city / 28 mpg on the highway. My first reaction? Shocked.  I didn’t expect this ! It handled like a dream on the wet roads in Oregon and it was super comfortable. Would I buy this? Yes, in two seconds. Kelley Blue Book Expert Rating: 8.0/ Consumer Rating: 9.0 – Starting price: $35,100.

Mazda 6

Mazda 6 2014 – 25 mpg in the city/ 37 on the highway. Great mid sized sedan, definitely fun to drive and yes you can take this on a road trip (with kids) with ease. TONS of bang for your buck. ; Kelley Blue Book Expert Rating: 8.5/ Consumer Rating: 9.5 – Starting price: $20,990