It is not a secret that in America today, there are 78 million Baby Boomers…yikes! So what is the largest and wealthiest demographic in America thinking about in preparing for their futures? Well, I’m sorry to say, not much!

But here are 3 areas for those really smart Boomers to get a major jump on how to step up and live the best years of their lives.

Grandma Graduating

The attitude today is life begins NOW

Aging to most Boomers is akin to a four letter word. Boomers do not believe they are ever going to age so why would they do anything to prepare for their futures? Well, my dear Boomer, you will age whether you accept, believe, or prepare for aging…it will happen! But those of us with Boomer Smarts will be the cool ones not looking or talking or acting our age.

How will we do this beyond the normal Boomer mindset today?

  • We will embrace this stage of life
  • We will celebrate this stage of life
  • We will share our wisdom and experiences
  • We will let go of old stinking thinking on aging and have the time of our lives…that’s how
Baby Boomers staying fit

Get out there and MOVE- staying fit is your ticket to a great life now and later.

In our health, we will be the Boomers out there living the awesome and fun life because we are taking care of our health now…not years later when issues come knocking…no, NOW! That means we have a lifestyle that incorporates eating smart, exercising, controlling stress, getting adequate sleep and trying to live a balanced life….not a perfect life…but at least tries for balance in these areas.

We will not be the Boomers saying “oh we are too old,” or “I can’t possibly do that with my whatevers,” or “all my friends look like I do, everyone I know is on a statin, or high blood pressure and/or arthritis medicine.”

Now, this is old people talk and we Boomers are not old for heavens sake! Aging does not mean old…remember…attitudes?

Hidden Bunk Beds

If the grandkids are coming to visit, add this hidden set of bunk beds stored neatly against a wall. It is space saving and look very cool. From

storage desk

It’s time for you. Plan your own workspace that can be multifunctional and very compact


And in our homes, we will be the Boomers to enjoy a quality of life by incorporating sanctuary spaces, upgraded homes with better lighting, safer homes with common sense tips and or remodeling where necessary, (low-end nursing home care is a minimum of $20,00 a year…think about it ), downsizing our stuff to free us up from too much stuff or the guilt of keeping furniture and etc. that should have been given away forever ago.

Boomers who get it will have the less-is-more concept in luxury finishes, spa-like bathrooms and beautiful, working kitchens that really function for this life stage.

No, we are not talking about raised toilet seats and grab bars. Oh no, just take a look at the awesome functional furniture pieces shown below that would be such a boom for the Boomer home. We are talking about preparing our Boomer homes that are hip, sophisticated, even sexy but definitely not looking dated, medical, or “for those old people.”

There is a groundswell of Boomers aging so differently in America today that before long, this model of preparing for our futures in our attitudes, health, and homes will not only be the envy of Boomers, but it will be the standard. You’ll see.

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