My Favorite Thing About Thanksgiving – Without a doubt – the food!


My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is without a doubt, the food. Moreover, I love the combination of food and tradition. Some of my favorite memories from childhood involve gathering around a tiny kitchen table at my aunt’s house where we spent nearly every Thanksgiving. All the kids were tasked with prep work like tearing bread for stuffing.


As my kids were growing up we developed our own traditional Thanksgiving menus. One of the desserts always present was the ‘Sock It To Me’ cake which came from my wife’s childhood (thanks to Duncan Hines). When my youngest son was still a toddler, he didn’t quite know how to say it and called it ‘Soccatunia’ instead. The name stuck and we adapted the recipe to a ‘from scratch’ version, but the dessert is still a holiday favorite.
This year I am so thankful for the unwavering support I have received from friends and family. My inner circle has done so much for me this year to boost me up and keep me focused on reaching my goals. Beyond that, my readers and web friends have inspired me to create and share each week.

I am truly blessed.


Sam Henderson



Click here for the recipe for the Soccatunia Cake