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What I am thankful for—

by Kate Hathaway Weeks


Around 5:30am every Saturday morning my two-year-old son begins to stir. By 5:45am he calls out to his closed-eyed parents with those “come and get me” whimpers. As much as sleeping in would be a luxury there is something to be said for being up early on a Saturday morning with the day still ahead of you. There is nowhere else you are expected to be. That nagging “to do” list in your head is quiet and the pull of meetings, deadlines and that pesky feeling of running behind have all subsided. At 5:45am on a Saturday morning it feels like everything you have set out to do can still be accomplished. The ambitious “to do” list has a long time before it needs to be fulfilled.


I am thankful for Saturday mornings in our home – scooping up a sleepy-eyed boy, still warm in his favorite striped pajamas. It’s still hours before you can get brunch in our neighborhood and when it’s dark outside even our favorite around-the-clock diner seems a million miles away. Here in our house, in a city with abundant offerings, is where we have our favorite meals. Producing a plate of eggs and fruit elicits a “yay Mama” and even sometimes a “yummy, yummy” from my favorite food critic. Here at our kitchen table, I am thankful for these blink-and-you-miss them moments of my son’s childhood. I am thankful that at least for now, before independence fully sets in, that he is equally happy to be by my side. In the early morning at our home, I am aware that these are the “gorgeous moments in your life” that a friend promised me years before. Despite their simplicity, they are the ones that you will remember and feel especially sweet before life’s other distractions set in. My husband, of course, is thankful for the fact that he is still sleeping down the hallway.



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Kate Hathaway Weeks has a love of design, which she tries to balance with life with a toddler son. A city mom, living in Boston’s historic South End neighborhood, Kate has worked in public television and publishing with clients that specialize in home, design and art. Kate is a native of Tiverton, RI. Her writing has appeared on pbs.org and in Design New England magazine.

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