In case you didn’t realize it, engagement season has officially begun. Did you know that nearly 40% of all American engagements for the entire year take place between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day?  And did you also know that in 2012, 1 in 4 American couples held a destination wedding?   With more and more couples choosing special, fun and exotic locales to host their wedding celebrations, a previously “fantasy” option like a wedding in Paris has quickly become a reality.

The Pari sWedding Book

The Paris Wedding Book

After all, few locations on this great, glorious globe of ours evoke the feelings of romance like Paris. Can you imagine being surround by the all of the beauty The City of Light has to offer on your wedding day? The art, language, architecture, cuisine, style, history … how could one not get lost in the love, romance, and joy? That’s why The Paris Wedding (Gibbs-Smith) should be at the top of your Holiday Gift List for any newly engaged couples in your life.Not just a “how-to” guide tohelp simplify the fairly daunting task of planning a Dream Destination Wedding in a foreign country (although the book does take readers through the maze of legal red tape necessary to have a French civil or religious ceremony, while providing them with insider peeks into some of the best wedding inspiration and resources in Paris), “The Paris Wedding” is also a look-book for planning a stylish Parisian-inspired wedding or celebration in any home-town.  With 170+ lush, full-color images of timeless scenery and elegant real Parisian weddings, “The Paris Wedding” brings readers up close and personal with some of the most talented Parisian wedding vendors on the scene today. Through this invaluable guide,  readers get hints on shopping for wedding gifts & attire, explore French wedding customs & traditions,  can try out DIY projects and French menu suggestions, as well as find resources for authentic French touches like macaron and croquemboche all over the world.


“The Paris Wedding” is full of enough stylish tips and glamorous photography to help add that Parisian je ne sais quoi to any celebration. “Whether you are going to a wedding in France, holding your wedding in France or want to have a French style wedding somewhere else in the world – this book is for you.”  


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