How to Create Your Sanctuary Bathroom


A dream tub

A dream soaking tub! Photo courtesy of Canadian Homes & Cottages



Are you a bath or a shower person – or perhaps you love both?


Whatever your preference, your bathing time is one place you can escape from the rest of your day and pamper yourself.

When my kids were little, I would put them all in the tub at once, scrub them down, shampoo heads and let them play with their bath toys. By the time we finished, got them into their jammers, in bed, story time….. I was beyond exhausted. I NEEDED a little time for myself so I would create a calm, peaceful bath time for myself. No, my bathroom didn’t look like the ones here (I wish!) and no, I didn’t bring in a glass of wine into the bathroom (although that’s not a bad idea), but I would give myself certain luxuries that gave me a few minutes of relaxation at the end of my day.

Creating Your Sanctuary


A few canles, some essential oils and you just might find yourself in bathing heaven!

A few candles, some essential oils and you just might find yourself in bathing heaven! From Herbal

Bath Basket:

Keep this on the top shelf away from the rest of the household’s toiletries. Fill it with your puff scrubber, loofas and all  facial masks and bath oils.  This is yours and yours alone!



Do you read in the bathtub? If so, you might want to create a little library in that space just for you! Photo via Pinterest

Pretty soaps or scented candle seems just about perfect for this mini spa you are creating. Oh, sure it’s nice to have a gazillion candles glowing. It is so lovely and romantic, but for your time alone only a couple of candles are necessary to set a simple, relaxing atmosphere.


Now, don’t the wrong idea, you don’t have to bring in a television –  aren’t you there to relax and get in some ‘me’ time?  But I do have a big confession – I read in the tub. My days are crazy and the minute I climb into bed at night, I fall dead asleep. So that pretty much leaves bath time for one of my favorite pastimes, reading. If you want to just close your eyes and enjoy the hot water, bring in some nice soft music to set your mood.


If bath's aren't your thing, perhaps a steam shower is.

If bath’s aren’t your thing, perhaps a steam shower is.

Bathroom by Cindy Rinfret

What could be nicer than a cozy furry rug waiting for you when you step out of the tub? Bathroom by Cindy Rinfret

Are you more of a Shower person?

Read our piece a while back on Steam Showers. This is an investment that will make you feel great, is good for your health and is an instant stress reliever. We love Mr. Steam and their products.

Fluffy rugs:

Yes you probably have a bath mat so you don’t slip and slide when you get out of the tube, but personally, I have always had a sheepskin throw rug in our bathroom. It is all natural and absorbs the water without making it feel soggy. There are some fabulous faux fur rugs if you don’t like the idea of a sheepskin.  It is the perfect transition from going from your relaxing bath back into the real world!

There is nothing like wraping yourself up in an oversized Turkish towel, thick, warm and absorbant!

There is nothing like wrapping yourself up in an over sized Turkish towel, thick, warm and absorbent!  From Restoration Hardware


Good towels:

Turkish Towels. They are soft, plush and last for a good, long time. But after you get dried grab a soft Terry robe and when you open that door back into your world, you are relaxed and happy.



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