My clients and others are continually asking me what they can do their my kitchen besides granite to upgrade or to just enjoy a new look.

Well, first off, all those of you with granite counters do not despair. Granite will never be out of style. But, here is the big but, soon it will no longer be the bar on how a kitchen is evaluated.

Everyone these days is also searching for how to make their lives easier, simpler, and less stressful. Where is so much of our time spent? In the kitchen areas, of course, so making our kitchen (and bath) counters easier to maintain without breaking our budgets is a huge topic for homeowners today.

Designers are constantly searching for what is next so here are my new loves from the Vegas National Kitchen and Bath show recently. Please note that I am not affiliated or being sponsored by these manufacturers as of this writing and I just wanted to give you all my “holy cow” list…look at these counters!

First – a new look in Formica…yes…you read correctly. This is not your mother’s or even your grandmother’s version of Formica. They have totally revamped their design line with selections including large scale granite and hardwoods with new edge options and the ability to under mount a sink, which could never be done before. This is now an affordable luxury.


Next is Viatera, a counter surface that comes in larger than normal sizes in order to avoid seams. This product is made in America and has gorgeous patterns plus it does not stain and is scratch and bacteria resistant. I have used many other solid surfaces over the years but this was new to me and I would definitely consider using it in my future design projects.


Last, but so not least, is a new product called Dekton by Cosentino and I am absolutely and totally enthralled with this amazing surface. It was certainly another “holy cow” moment to actually see this product used in flooring. I missed the demo where the chef cut directly on this counter and actually pounded on it and did not produce one scratch…no, not one. I love it because it is so durable for families and seems to have a slip resistant quality on the surface.Cosentini

A whole new world of products are available, affordable, and appropriate for kitchens and baths. You can go to the next level in design with them and personalize your space.