BIO:  Kate Watson-Smyth, a freelance journalist writing about interiors & design, mainly for The Financial Times. Formerly a staff writer for The Independent, she has also written for The Guardian, Daily Mail and various magazines.




Mad About the House


A British based Interior and Design blog by Kate Watson-Smyth


Mad About the House



The United States is a major innovator in so much, however, design, color and style trends have always originated in Europe. Who better to follow on what’s around the curve for us in interior design style than Kate Watson-Smyth, a design and interiors writer who has a blog that is all about the house.  She is out of the U.K. and is current on everything that is happening in the field of design.  For this reason, as well as the fact that we are totally addicted to her site AND she has super content, we want to bring her to your attention in our Blogger Shout Out this week.

The Ant chair, design Arne Jacobsen in 1952. Model 3101 in the colour Magenta.

Design Classics

Highlighting such classics as: The classic style of Barber Wilsons taps founded in 1905 still being made and are ‘reassuringly expensive’ read more….

Mad About …

teal/sea green via

read more…

A regular feature  – “Mad About … Neutrals”,  “Mad About… Loft Style”, or for those of you who are absolutely mortified over Pantone’s Radiant Orchid, perhaps you’d prefer to follow Dulux, a British Paint company’s Color of the Year here in Mad About … Teal – Dulux Colour of the Year 2014.


Yes, if you are a fan of House Hunter or House Hunter International on HGTV you will love this. Kate has her own home voyeur column for you.  Snoop all over England via this column and take a sneak peek at this one in Notting Hill that is drool worthy.

There is so much more, so click your way over to see My House, Your House, 365 Objects of Design and the Five Finds series.

Grab a cup of coffee or a glass (bottle) of wine – you might want to visit with Kate for a while.  Warning: it might be hard to leave, so sign up for her updates while you are there.

Yours for £7,500,00 or $12,500,000 (approximately)