Meet Genevieve Taylor

Food Stylist, Veggie Gardener and Mother Hen

When last we talked about Genevieve Taylor in 2011, it was because she was one of the growing number of people who decided to keep hens in their garden, suburban or rural, to supply their family with daily fresh eggs.
FEEDING CHICKS LARGE, Today, Genevieve, now a professional food stylist and cook book author,  has gone even further. She has resurrected the traditions and basics of providing food for her family table. Her suburban garden seasonally produces vegetables and their three hens produce three eggs a day. Instead of farm to table, she’s practicing garden to table.  Additionally, as a food stylist, she is a firm believer visual presentation is an important part of the dining experience and she demonstrates how and why on her website and in her videos.

Genevieve’s sites explore all avenues of food including Pig Butchery (not for the squeamish or animal lovers) and develops such yummy recipes as Roast Beef, Sweet Potato & Horseradish Pie , both on her The Urban Kitchen blog. Visit her website where you’ll be able to find beautifully presented food that will surely inspire you to serve your meals in style as well.

Look for her books,  A Good Egg and other cookbooks  Marshmallow Magic, Soup!, Stew! and the latest one being released on March 27th – Pie!


In Genevieve’s video below, you’ll learn a few tips on how food styling for your blog, website or even your family!