We’ll Be Tweeting, Pinning & Talking about the Kentucky Derby! Join in!


The Kentucky Derby runs the first Saturday of May every year. This year marks it’s 140th anniversary. Photo credit via cnn.com


The 140th Kentucky Derby is on May 3rd this year.  What is known as an iconic Southern event, ‘derbysprawl’ has found its way throughout the rest of the country with celebrations happening from Seattle to San Diego and Maine town to Key West.  Some consider it the kick off to the summer social season, others a fabulous excuse to get dressed up to the nines, hat and gloves and all!


Here at The Daily Basics, we’ll be dishing out recipes, fashion ideas and entertaining tips over the next few weeks.  Now, before we get into the particulars, we are inviting all you Derby Party givers and goers out there to chime in and share with us your tips, traditions, recipes and anything else Derby.  You can leave comments here or join and follow us on Twitter using the hashtags #TalkDerbyToMe and #TDTM2.  You are also invited to join our group Talk Derby to Me Board. (for an invite: whoswho@thedailybasics.com) Sharing information will be part of the fun! If you want to get updates via email, subscribe to our newsletter!


To start, here is some information about the actual Derby


The Horse Race of the Year in the United States also known as ‘The Most Exciting 2 Minutes in Sports” or “The Run for the Roses”


Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky


Three year old Thoroughbred Racehorses


The first race was run in 1875.  The track was founded by Colonel Meriwether Lewis Clark, grandson of  Lewis of the Lewis & Clark expedition, after he visited and became enthralled with the English Derby and the Grand Prix de Paris in Longchamps and decided Kentucky needed their own Derby.

The Winning Horse on Record:

Secretariat at 1:59  2/5of a second


Getting Ready for the Big Day

Here are few things to get you started and to whet your whistle.  In the next few weeks we will be giving you all the recipes, entertaining suggestions and our favorite picks for Derby outfits!

First things First: Planning Your Party:

Find some cute invites over at Invitation Box! Now is the time to get them out!

Find some cute invites over at Invitation Box! Now is the time to get them out!

You already have the date.  May 3rd.

The Derby is scheduled to run at approximately 6:24pm.  Have your guests arrive no later than 5 pm so they can get their wagers in and you can hand them the traditional Derby drink, a Mint Julep or for the non-drinker, Sweet Tea or Lemonade!  We’ll be getting you some drinks recipes in the next few weeks as well.  We won’t leave you high and dry on that very important part of this event!

Amount of people? You can invite anywhere from 2 to 100+ people for this shindig! It’s your party!


Derby Attire:

Sarah VIckers of Classy Girls Wear Pearls and Kiel James Patrick of

Sarah Vickers of ‘Classy Girls Wear Pearls’ and Kiel James Patrick, Preppy accessory guru are being sponsored to go to the Derby by Vineyard Vines! Click here for details on their outfits!

Ladies, find yourself a pretty new spring dress and a hat!  This is the time to get your Audrey Hepburn on and dress up like the ladies that you are! We’re loving the look that is coming from Vineyard Vines, the official style of The Kentucky Derby!

Gents, now is the time you can pull out that bowtie and linen sports jacket.  If yours is a more casual affair, lose the tie and jacket and get out those seersucker’s and polo shirts!



Chef Robin White has put together a menu that reeks of Southern charm AND you can do the entire thing ahead of time.  If you want to order the original chocolate nut Derby Pies from Kerns, you’d better put your order in sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, here is a sneak peak of the menu Chef Robin has cooked up (recipes to follow in the next few weeks).

Chef Robin’s Kentucky Derby Menu
Pimento Cheese Toasts with Bacon Jam
Deviled Eggs
Derby Day “Greens” Salad with Sweet Potato, Country Ham and Roasted Apples and a Buttermilk Dressing
Brisket with a Peach and Kentucky Bourbon Glaze
Fresh Corn Pudding
Mint Juleps
Authentic Kerns Kentucky Derby Pie


Derby Prizes!

If you are planning on having a Derby pool, you’re going to want to get some prizes for the winners and losers.  Here are a few suggestions that will not break the bank and can bring some levity into the situation for the losers as well as the winner!


Kentucky Derby Horse Mask

This will definitely put your guests in the mood when you great them at the door wearing this!

Brush up on your Derby History

Brush up on your Derby History

A battery operated horse race for just $11.99

A battery operated horse race for just $11.99

For the booby prize!

For the booby prize!