It’s time to celebrate and welcome Spring – it is here!  In most parts of the country, people are breathing a sigh of relief after a grueling winter.  AND… since Easter is just around the corner, these great DIY Spring & Easter Decorating Ideas will work for your holiday and Spring decorating! You can find most of these materials at your craft store or in your own garden.

Crate & Barrel

Baskets from Crate & Barrel Baskets adorn this front door and stoop.


Nest in a Basket

Bird's Nest in a Basket

Bird’s Nest in a Basket



  • 1 big squat round bottom basket (
  • 1 bag of green moss (Spanish moss)
  • small 6” bird’s nest
  • small bird
  • pussy willow branches

1. Using a glue gun, attach a wire to the top of basket for hanging.

2. To create your diorama, use the glue gun to build up layers of moss in the bottom of basket, filling from front to back. Make it slightly higher on one side.

3. Glue bird’s nest on left hand side on top of moss as seen in picture.

4. Push stems of pussy willows into the moss using glue to hold it if necessary.

5. Add the eggs to nest then the bird to the pussy willow.








The Umbrella Bouquet

Umbrella door hanging

Umbrella Bouquets filled with tulips! If the tulips begin to wilt, you can replace them very easily.



  • classic Umbrella with handle
  • 24 tulips
  • large sandwich bags
  • medium to large rubber bands
  • wide ribbon



1. Gather three grouping of tulips, 8 stems in each bunch.

2. Place each group in a plastic bag, tie with a rubber band at the middle and slowly drizzle water from the  faucet into the bottom of each bag filling about 2 inches of water in the bottom.  Make sure the stems of the tulips are all in water and the bag is pulled up tight around the stems.

3. Hang the umbrella on the door.

4. Tie a ribbon around the umbrella about a third of the way up from the bottom.

5. Place the three bags inside the top of the umbrella; one on the right, one on the left and one in the center. Position it so the  flowers are arranged in between the metal stays splaying out at the top.


The Flowered Egg

Easter door decorations

Welcome your Easter company with this floral egg!



  • 1 styrofoam sheet (2″x 12″ x 24″)
  • 6 stems of silk floral hydrangea
  • styrofoam glue
  • floral wire
  • white burlap or a 3″ x 30″ length of ribbon


1. Cut out an egg shape from the styro foam sheet using the whole width of the sheet. Using a serrated knife, round off the edges on the front side of the egg.

2. Pull off the hydrangea flower heads from the main stem. This will leave you with a flower head that has a small plastic end underneath the petals. Place a small amount of styrofoam glue onto that end and push it into Styrofoam. Cover the entire egg with flower heads close to one another and slightly overlapping until the entire Styrofoam egg is covered.

3. Cut the ribbon from a piece of natural white burlap to about  3” x 30” and keep the edges frayed.

4. Write welcome with a brown fabric pen and pin it to the egg.

5. Use the floral wire to make a hanger on the back of the egg and hang it on the door.


Vintage Mason Jar with Daffodils

Any size Mason jar will do !

Any size Mason jar will do !





  • twine
  • large Mason jar
  • daffodils



1. Use the twine to add a decorative embellishment to the bottom of the jar and under lip by winding and fitting it close together. You can use your hot glue gun to adhere it to the jar.

2. Fill the jar partially with water.

3. Hang the jar with twine on a door or windows sill.

4. Add the daffodils










The Watering Can

Use a watering can filled with whatever is growing in your garden!

Use a watering can filled with whatever is growing in your garden!




  • twine
  • metal watering can
  • daffodils



This is the same idea as above but with a watering can!

1. Use the twine to add a decorative embellishment to the bottom of the can.

2. Wrap the rope around the around nozzle and handle and hang the watering can from your door knocker.

3. Fill the can with flowering branches – what ever is blossoming in your garden!



All photos by Michael Partenio