You’ve planned your Easter Menu out already and you are set to go.  But the one thing we usually forget is, what’s for Easter Morning Breakfast?  Barb Kiebel from Creative-Culinary has some choice recipes that will thrill your family and Easter guests

For the Traditionalist:

Creamed Eggs on Toast Points

My children are both grown up and beyond the years of me hiding baskets or hunting for eggs (OK, I still put up this adorable little Easter tree with ornaments and yes, they are not so old they don’t expect a chocolate treat from Mom!). However, some traditions remain and this dish is a standard that we have had for as many years as I can recall. It’s not hard to wonder why; a dozen or more hard boiled eggs left by the Easter Bunny needed to be used and my girls weren’t thrilled with having a plain hard boiled egg every day for a week. Sure, I could make egg salad but that was pretty standard fare so one day thought to make a dish that would allow us to hunt for and eat those eggs on Easter morning. Click for the recipe here.


creative culinary

Creamed Eggs Mimosa


For the Health Oriented

Homemade Granola with Mixed Nuts and Coconut

I may need an intervention. I started making my own granola a couple of years ago and it’s out of control. If I don’t have some for breakfast, well, it’s not pretty. I can’t concentrate, coffee barely helps and I’m so desperate that I’ve wondered if Cheerios and Craisins on yogurt would satisfy in a pinch. Click for the recipe here.


Homemade Granola


For a Treat

Maple Bacon Biscuit

Before I became part of a local blogger group I used to hold regular brunches at my home with a group of girlfriends; we called ourselves ‘The Marthas.’ Marriages and moves saw us eventually disband but these were a HUGE hit at our last get together. Now that I’ve been reminded of how much I love them, I think a batch for my blogging buddies has to be put on the agenda. What can I say but absolutely fabulous! Click for the recipe here.

creative culinary

Maple Bacon Biscuits


The Drinks

The BEST Mimosas

Mimosas are often associated with brunches and what better day to serve a brunch cocktail than Easter. Or Mother’s Day. Or maybe any day. A combination of orange juice and champagne, they offer a light accompaniment to your late morning meal. I’ve long loved adding just one more touch; just a bit of liqueur. Last year I included a mimosa made using my homemade cranberry liqueurClick for the recipe here.

creative culinary

The Best Mimosa

The Strawberry Muddle
Watermelon Strawberry Muddle

Watermelon Strawberry Muddle


This drink was featured in the July ’09 issue of Bon Appetit magazine. I had just received the magazine and was having friends over for a cocktail and luckily had the fruit on hand and some of my favorite sparkling wine chilling in the fridge. One of the mainstays of my summer bar is Cristalano Spanish Cava. Cava is produced in Spain and Prosecco in Italy and they are just as good as…but can’t be called Champagne. That is legally only allowed by the sparkling wine producers in the area of Champagne, France.  Click for the recipe here.