Behind the Curtain – A Blog From Kate Spade, NY


The ‘persona’ behind Kate Spade. Travel, style, Music, People… This blog is about the Kate Spade girl and what she likes. It has a little bit of everything and the content is absolutely GOOD!!! The format goes from a plain blog post to mini magazines within a post. Clever and fun. You are going to want to subscribe to this. No joke.


Behind the Curtain – A Blog From Kate Spade, NY

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Kate Spade’s Blog

Hey, Kate Spade’s been writing this blog for a while – since 2010 (which means you have a lot of archives to go back and explore!) If you’ve been there before, you go there for their quick, quirky, fun and fact filled posts. If you didn’t know about this blog, you are in for a treat.

For Example…

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You might like to see their “Style Spy”, which is their ‘magazine’ on what to wear this season alla Kate ….


Style Spy

The Style Spy:  All Roads Lead to Rio is just one of the many style flip mags that will inspire you!


or their completely wonderful

City Guides!



Then there is the

HOW TO section:



and don’t miss

Places to Go People to See!




There is plenty more, like Deliberate Polish, Featured, From the Desk of Deborah Lloyd, Hot off the Press… and so much more! Hop over to see all the fun they are having over there!