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Michele and Marvin Velasquez


I have been an entrepreneur ever since I was a little girl. I always look at the world and try to figure out how I can create a business out of it. I came up with this idea to start a Proposal Planning company once I realized it was really an untapped and it just really took off. Marvin Velazquez, co-owner. Marvin is an engineer by trade with advanced degrees from MIT and Penn State. He loves being a part of such an exciting day for men, and really supporting them since he was once in their shoes.


When my husband proposed to me in 2010, there are some things I thought could have been better. When I asked him why he proposed to me in the way he did, he mentioned that there were really no resources out there for men planning on proposing. That is when the lightbulb went off and we created one.


We have planned proposals all the globe but I think the furthest from us was Brugges. What a beautiful place! We are off to Paris next week to do another.

Favorite video of a proposal

1) I love this proposal video we planned because it was such much fun!

2) Here, she thought she was going out to party for her birthday. Instead, she arrived to find the most elaborate proposal we have planned to date, complete with ice sculptures and cherry blossom tree replicas. Her entire family was also there to celebrate after. I also love this proposal we planned because the setup was so gorgeous and the guy is so smitten! He even sings to her!!


What was your funniest proposal?

The funniest proposal we planned was in Chicago. We put the couple on a pedicab tour throughout Chicago and as they were driven, they passed actors re-enacting out scenes from their relationship. The girl was totally blown away that he had gone through so much trouble to put it all together. The best part was a cardboard cutout Hummer and bee which represented a road trip they took together where Mark was chased by a bee. You can watch it here, hilarious! Have anyone ever said NO? Not yet, but knock on wood! But in all seriousness, most of our clients have had “the talk” with their girlfriends and they are confident the relationship is at that stage.


Have YOU ever cried at one of your proposals?

I honestly cry at almost all of them. I think it is a combination of the crazy amount of stress that went into planning that moment, and the fact that I am a part of the couple’s beginning of forever. It really is a rewarding job.


What is your very favorite proposal?

Wow, I actually have so many favorites. But my recent favorite took place at the Warner Brothers Lot in Burbank, CA. We bought out a whole VIP tour and everyone on the tour was in on the proposal but the girl. We arranged a tour of the set of the Big Bang Theory since that is her favorite show and then while were at the museum, we had the Tour Guide announce that everyone needed their ID or passport to get through security at the next stop. Our guy went to “get his ID” but really went to change into a tuxedo. The rest of the tour, including the girl, hopped back on the tram and we proceeded down the set of Hennesy Street from the show. The entire street was closed down for us and as we rounded the corner, all of the people on the tram (they were really an a cappella group) began singing “Chasing Cars” and our guy was at the end of the street in a tuxedo waiting for her. It was straight out of a movie, you had to see it!



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