A Salute to Summer, The 4th of July and America’s Holidays


We are FINALLY in summer. The days are warm and it’s time to be with family and friends on the weekends.


The Fourth of July is only a couple of weeks away. Before we get into the full swing of what we are planning for our barbeques and parties for The Fourth of July, The Daily Basics just put together a 2 minute video to say thanks to everyone who has given us the opportunity to enjoy our way of life in the United States. This one is a shout out for all of the patriotic holidays we celebrate, the majority of them in the summer. Hope you enjoy and we’d love to have your comments on our Youtube channel or below.

All of the photos here are from our Pinterest boards – Life’s a Beach and The Glorious Fourth of July.

If you want to see or pin any of the photos in this video, go to either one of those boards.

Music by Slim Whitman.