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Fourth of July Party decorations

This is from CATCH MY PARTY – click on over and see the wonderful ideas they have for YOUR 4th of July Party




There are SO many good summertime recipes out there, so to help you create the best menu, we tapped our favorite chefs and entertainers to create a Progressive Dinner Menu for you to use or inspire for your 4th of July barbecue!

To get your party started – set the table. Jillian Tohber Leslie from ‘Catch My Party’ has created a super Vintage Fourth of July party including printables. Click on over to see the entire party plan on her site and you will be totally inspired! We were!



Rum Punch by Warren Bobrow, The Cocktail Whisperer

Homemade Lemonade with Beth Le Manch, Entertaining with Beth

5 Easy Hors D’oeuvres by Victory Amory

Just Peachy Salad by Miranda Hammer of the Crunchy Radish

Corn Chowder Salad by Chef Robin White

Perfect Onion Rings by Sam Henderson of Today’s Nest

Jalapeno Cheeseburgers with Bacon and Grilled Onions from Barb Kiebel of Creative Culinary

Homemade Hot Dogs b y Sean Sullivan of Spectacularly Delicious

Old Fashioned Whoopie Pies from Monica Kast Rogers from Lost Recipes Found

all recipes and links below



RUM PUNCH by Warren Bobrow, The Cocktail Whisperer


*warning* This drink packs a delicious, yet powerful PUNCH!


  • 3 oz. Plantation Barbados Rum
  • ½ oz. Luxardo Marachino Liqueur
  • ¼ each, freshly squeezed orange, lime and lemon juices
  • ½ Coconut Cream (sweetened)
  • 1 oz. (in each drink) Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water (Pink Grapefruit)
  • The Bitter Truth Spiced Chocolate Bitters-infused ice Freshly scraped nutmeg
  • ¼ each, freshly squeezed orange, lime and lemon juices
  • 1 oz. (in each drink) Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water (Pink Grapefruit)
  • Ice cubes


1. Add all liquid ingredients EXCEPT for the ice and the Perrier to a Boston Shaker with regular bar ice to chill.
2. Shake for 15 seconds.
3. Add one hand cut Chocolate Bitters-infused ice cube to each Collins glass.
4. Pour the punch over the bitters-infused ice.
5. Add about an ounce of the Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water over the top.
6. Scrape some fresh nutmeg to finish.



Warren Bobrow: The Cocktail Whisperer
Warrens Books: Apothecary Cocktails and Restorative Drinks
Twitter: @WarrenBobrow1



Homemade Lemonade – Entertaining with Beth by Beth Le Manch

Beth ALWAYS (without fail) has the best recipes. Her videos explain the recipes clearly and you can hop on her website for the written recipes. You will love her so much that you will put her on your Youtube play list.


Entertaining with Beth
Youtube: Entertaining with Beth
Twitter: @entertainingwbeth
Facebook: Entertaining with Beth



5 Easy Hors D’oeuvres by Victoria Amory

5 Easy Hors D’oeuvres to Feed a Crowd: Recipes


Victoria Amory’s 5 Easy Hors D’oeuvres are recipes you should keep in your file for ANY occasion, however, they are perfect for the Glorious Fourth! Victoria makes it even easier – she has the BEST mayonnaise and condiment collection that you will want to make a staple in your cupboard.



Twitter: @Vixmam
Facebook: Victory Amory



The Crunchy Radish’s, Miranda Hammer’s Just Peachy Salad

grilled peaches

Grilled Peaches

Just Peachy Salad Recipe

Miranda Hammer”s Just Peachy Salad not only looks absolutely scrumptious, but it is filled with wholesome goodness. Miranda is a Registered Dietitian who loves to cook and eat and she will steer you in the right direction for a healthy culinary lifestyle. For more of Miranda’s recipes and advice, meet her at the Crunchy Radish!



The Crunch Radish
Twitter: @Crunchy_Radish
Facebook: The Crunchy Radish




Chef Robin White’s Corn Chowder Salad

Thank you Food & Wine for this fabulous photo. To see a variation on Chef's Robin's, click to see it on their site here

Thank you Food & Wine for this fabulous photo. To see a variation on Chef’s Robin’s, click to see it on their site here

Corn Chowder Salad- Recipe

Why should you wait until Fall for Corn Chowder when you can have Corn Chowder Salad now? Corn should be coming in where you are! Time to grab about 10 ears for this SUPER recipe from Chef Robin White! Chef Robin originally comes from New England and knows how to create chowders every which way. Making chowder into a salad makes perfect sense to her and now to us!


Chef Robin White
Twitter: @Canapes45
Pinterest: Canapes45






The Best Onion Rings Ever from Sam Henderson of Today’s Nest

homemade onion rings

Sam Henderson’s recipe for the BEST Onion Rings !



The Best Onion Rings Recipe

If you are not a fan of fried food, guess what, neither is Sam. What makes this recipe so good is the beer batter and Sam’s method of frying. This might be your occasional fried food indulgence as well! Sam’s site, Today’s Nest talks about wonderful home made food, entertaining, home & garden, travel and DIY’s. If you don’t know Sam, you do now – and you will love this guy! PROMISE!



Today’s Nest
Twitter: TodaysNest
Pinterest: TodaysNest
Instagram: TodaysNest










Jalapeño Cheeseburgers with Bacon and Grilled Onions from Barb Kiebel, Creative Culinary

Jalapeño Cheeseburgers with Bacon and Grilled Onions recipe


Jalapeno Bacon Burger

Just when you couldn’t think of something special to grill up you see this. Barb Kiebel was inspired by a recipe in Bon Appetit years ago and shared it on her site. This looks beyond amazing and will be a show stopper for the meat lovers at your party.




Twitter: @CreativCulinary
Facebook: Creative Culinary
Pinterest: CreativeCulinary


Homemade Hot Dog Recipe from Sean Sullivan of Spectacularly Delicious

Hot Dog Recipe

Fourth of July Hot Dog station

Set your Hotdogs out like Jillian from ‘Catch My Party’ did – This old fashioned recipe will delight your guests and family

Can you imagine what your guests will say when you tell them you made your own hot dogs? As Sean points out in his article with the recipe, compare the ingredients here to those found in a commercial brand. You KNOW you’ll be serving the best to your family and friends. Isn’t that what you want for them – the best?



Spectacularly Delicious
Twitter: @Spectacularlyd
Pinterest: Spectacularlyd
Youtube: Spectacularly Delicious



Monica Kass Rogers of Lost Recipes Found

Whoopee Pies Recipe


Whoopie Pies!


How could you possibly say no to these Whoopee Pies? Even though they might evoke memories from the 50’s, Monica, a culinary historian and story teller, tells us that they go back much further than then. You can read more about Whoopee Pies when you get the recipe here.



Lost Recipes Found

Twitter: Lost Recipes

Facebook: Lost Recipes Found