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Farm Star Living


We asked Mary Blackmon, founder of Farm Star Living, what this is all about.

What is your overall mission?

mary-sitting1To showcase and celebrate farmers and the world of farming in a way that’s more personable and relatable to the mainstream.

  • We support the importance of farm-fresh food in one’s diet
  • There is an Everything A-Z Guide that showcases the benefits and facts on each fruit, veggie, nut, herb, and seed
  • There is a FARM-TO- TABLE FINDER that lists farm-to-table restaurants across the country for you to find and enjoy.
  • We have the ability to present farms in a way that is more accessible to people by searchable activities – like petting zoos, farm tours, B&Bs, hayrides, honey sampling, even cattle drives.

All of this provides a farming lifestyle and what we call Farm Star Living.




How have you found/selected your Farm Stars and what will their role be in Farm Star Living?

We showcase farmers that are from a varied background. We select them based on their dedication to their career, their passion and want others to understand what goes into their chosen profession. We also try to showcase their personalities, and provide a platform where they can give us all some of their learned wisdom and thoughts on today’s farming practices.


.What should people look for when they come onto your site? has:

  • a national finders guide on locally sourced restaurants (farm to table)
  • farms that are open to the public offering amazing activities like horseback riding, hiking, tours, petting zoos, etc. via our FARM FUN Finder
  • readers can get to know the insights of farmers (aka Farm Stars!) in our interviews.
  • an amazing resource of healthful, interesting info on all fruits, veggies, herbs, nuts and more in our A-Z GUIDE.
  • our Farm to Table section also highlight chefs and now ‘mixologists,’ as well as even celebs who are supportive to farming and farm-fresh eating in The Scoop.
It’s a great one stop-shop for anyone who’s farm-curious and food conscious!

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