Pith & Vigor – a gardening magazine



A new paper newspaper in your hands – a digital magazine online … both all about gardens



Their goal is to reach $12,000. They are almost there. If you like what you see, and they do have some pretty nifty perks, go on over and contribute.

One request: HURRY UP – this ends on August 7th!



Another garden publication? Kind of, but different. Editor and CEO, Rochelle Greayer, is a former editor of LEAF MAGAZINE, an author of several garden books and a garden designer herself. She’s recognized the void in the marketplace for a garden community where people can connect on a local level. She’s also smart enough to know that many gardener want to hold a publication in their hands, hence they will publish a (recyclable) newspaper (11 x 17 in size!), not a magazine, for those people and they will offer it at garden centers all over the place. Community minded, sustainability advocates and garden loving, Pith & Vigor looks like it will be a winner.







We (the greater gardening community) need a media outlet that shares all the great stories and adventures that are part of an emerging gardening culture in a way that helps build local communities, excites newcomers, and helps nurture and encourage a budding interest in growing and gardening.

PITH + VIGOR will be a garden publication that is real and seductive, and it will celebrate and educate those with dirt under their nails. But we won’t take ourselves too seriously; we are also working satirical and humor stories, personal essays, and garden writing that frankly doesn’t look or sound like garden writing.

It will be modern and beautiful and local – because all gardening is local.