Whereas August is usually the time to grab the last days of summer, cram in those beach days and take time off to be with family and friends, here on the east coast of the United States, we always watch for a breezy hurricane to shake, rattle and roll us around every once in a while. Californians have absolutely no sympathy for us. They experience earthquakes and monsoon rains all the time. Many mid-western state residents sleep with one eye open during tornado season. Sweltering heat, massive blizzards … hey, we all get hit one way or another. It is called WEATHER.

when the lights go out

See what Apartment Therapy has to say about Power Outages – ‘From Inconveniences to a Perfect Evening In’

Should you be advised to simply stay put and not evacuate , you might want to approach these forces of nature in a more positive way and look at the flip side of the coin. Hopefully, your worst case scenario will be loosing a few rooftop shingles, some branches will come down or perhaps the power will go off. So what are you going to do when you are unplugged? (If you are affected worse than that, scroll to the bottom of the page for more information.)

Here are some recommendations:


• Pull out your Monopoly, Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit games and played them every evening. You had forgotten how much fun they were

• Rediscover reading books – the kind where you flip the pages!

• Pull out the old guitar, dust off the piano and gather your family to join in for a few songs!

• Sit, talk and enjoy a cocktail or glass of wine before you enjoy your barbecued or cold cereal cuisine during your powerless adventure

• Enjoy the sound of silence

• Relax – you might slept better

• Actually talk with your family over dinner without the interruption of Pat Sajak saying, ‘ Take a Spin ‘

• You might be dining by candlelight every night – and you’ll wonder, why don’t you do it every night?

• Your husband might be paying more attention to you. After all, neither one of you are reaching for your IPhone, IPad or your laptops. (historically, there is a baby boom nine months after a ‘lights out’ event.)


when the lights go out

It could be pretty romantic not having power… If yours goes out, turn it into one of those special evenings!

If you are a fan of the Mad Men era or can remember back to the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s without modern electronics, this is what life used to be like. We are so charged up on stimulation from our busy & instantly connected lives that sometimes we forget that the simple pleasures of life are at times the best. Would taking a break from being ‘connected’ be a good thing for you let’s say once a month? Call it a refreshing … a brain washing.

It seems a little much to wait until the earth shakes, the wind roars and the rivers overflow to make us realize that sometimes we have to unplug and simply… chill. You might even like it!

Stay safe and enjoy your time when the lights go out.

Meanwhile, make sure you have:

  • plenty of bags of ice to pack your refrig and freezer to keep the food cold
  • a full tank of propane for the BBQ grill or matches to light your gas stove top
  • marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers (yes, ingredients for s’mores)
  • enough rum to keep you going for a few evenings of relaxation


emergency services

Click for more information on emergency preparedness when there is a power outage

Emergency Services and Information

For information on Emergency Preparedness or Help during a natural disaster, please contact CDC.