This year’s hottest look for fall is super-natural looking beauty, and I’d say it’s about time! Let me show you how to achieve the super-natural look without feeling naked every time you leave the house.


1. Start with great skin

Great skin is the foundation of any beauty look, but never is it more important than when the look is natural. Here is a 5-star regime to help get you started in achieving the natural beauty look.

studio portrait of young beautiful woman - natural beauty concept

2. Use a makeup primer

Make-up primers are used to fill in, smooth out and make your skin a perfect canvas for anything that goes on top of it. Primers are typically silicone-based, not oil so they do not clog pores or create an oily shine.

Some like to use primers only to fill in the fine lines around the eyes and lips. However, for this season’s “super-natural” look, I would recommend using a little bit of primer all over your face for a much smoother, more natural makeup application.

My personal favorite is Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer

3. Concealer

If you really want to achieve that gorgeous, super-natural look, then you need to show a lot of restraint when using concealer. This Fall, less IS more!

Unless you have a breakout, or a scar you want to hide, only use a little bit of concealer, and only in the small triangular area under your eyes, and on the outer edge of your nostrils (see diagram).

According to professional makeup artist Rory Gaudio, using concealer in just these areas keeps the face looking naturally refreshed. “Be careful not to take the concealer up to the lash line…” says Gaudio, “…it can look manufactured.”

Makeup For Ever Lift Concealer is what Gaudio recommends.1

4. Use a BB cream as your foundation

BB creams, or Beauty Balms hydrate the skin while providing sheer coverage. They are a bit weightier than most foundations, but a little goes a long way, and blends to a dewy finish–perfect for the natural look.

Only use the BB cream on areas where your skin has an underlying redness (both face and neck).

Bobbi Brown’s BB Cream SPF 35 has the added benefit of sun protection.

5. Blush makes the look natural

To create the super-natural look, you need the right tool and the right placement. The go-to blush brush that the professionals use is the Sigma F4 Brush. The angled edge gives you more control over the placement of the blush.

Speaking of placement, Gaudio said that most people don’t really know exactly where to start and end their blush.  A good rule of thumb is to start no closer to the nose than the middle of the pupil, and no lower than the edge of the nostril. To apply, place brush on the starting point, and with light, circular movements, run up along the cheekbone to the hairline.


6. The eyes have it

Eyeshadows can do a lot to make the eyes “pop,” but be sure to use a light hand if you want to achieve the super-natural look.

My recommendation is the LORAC PRO Palette. This professional grade product has 16 neutral colors to choose from including matte and shimmer.

To keep the look fresh and natural, do not use more than 3 shades from the palette at one time.

7. The cherry on top – Mascara

I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman who didn’t love how she looks with mascara on, but putting it on and having it look natural can be challenging at times.

The makeup artist trick for natural looking lashes:

  • Brush or comb the lashes before you begin so they are not clumped
  • Use a lash curler for a count of 10 seconds on the upper lashes
  • Remove your mascara wand from the tube, and using a paper towel, remove almost all the mascara from the wand
  • Place the wand on the base of the upper lashes, and slowly wiggle the wand upwards until all lashes have been touched. Repeat once.

I know you’ll be tempted to leave more mascara on the wand, but trust me, the resulting look is soft and natural. I recommend America’s sweetheart mascara, Maybelline’s Great Lash in the pink tube.

8. The Lips

Everyone has an opinion on what constitutes a “natural looking” lip. Some will use sheer gloss, while others will stick to a matte lipstick in a nude shade. I am prefer a truly natural lip, so my go-to lip topper is…drumroll please…Lip_Smacker_Wild_Raspberry_Balm1



What will be your signature look this fall? Share in the comments below.

Jackie Bernardi Biography (1)