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She’s in New Orleans, so you’ll totally get that flavor from her blog, but you can find her here:

Website: Urban Comfort
Pinterest: Suzonne Stirling/Urban Comfort
Instagram: Suzonne Stirling



Suzonne Stirling –

Urban Comfort from New Orleans

We came across this blogger out of New Orleans and were smitten from the get go. How could you not be intrigued by this About Page?


[quoteicon author=”Suzonne Stirling”]I’m a professional magazine stylist and crafter, wife and mother and I live and create in New Orleans. I write about all the facets of my creative life here, both personal and professional, thought like most southerners, I reserve the right to digress.[/quoteicon]


Here’s what she talks about, and by the way, she does if very well. Go check her out!


Eat and Drink

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more here….





Shibori 101 – Indigo Dyeing




Great Finds

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Learn How to Tutorials


not to mention talk ab0ut New Orleans, Parties and Personal Musings.


Let me know if you are not smitten, too!