Autumn is my favorite season for finding creative alternatives for floral arrangements, especially decorating with pumpkins and gourds. I’d love to share some of my favorite projects that I have created for magazine features over the years.The season offers many natural materials for creating your own containers for your favorite fall flowers. Go to your roadside farm stand, garden center, the woods and even the supermarket and you can find all of the fixings for making these easy beautiful arrangements and containers (I promise).


Twigs & Chrysanthemums

The wild natural feeling of this arrangements is produced by cutting individual stems or clumps of mums from different plants to get a unusual mix of colors and varying heights.

How to: Wrap a can or bucket with rubber bands. Slide the broken twigs in standing upwards to surround the container. The natural design of the twig container is perfect for the chrysanthemums.

Twigs and Chrysanthemums

Twigs and Chrysanthemums


Corn Vase

The corn vase is absolutely my favorite!

How to: Wrap the can with rubber bands. Then remove the husks from corn and simply slide the corn cobs in standing them upright. Cover the rubber bands with twine!!! How easy was that? Now fill with fall flowers like dahlias, mums, berries and asters!

Corn Vase - Created for Good Housekeeping - Photographer, Michael Partenio

Corn Vase – Created for Good Housekeeping – Photographer, Michael Partenio



Footed Gourd Vase

An acorn squash or pumpkin gourd when hallowed out makes a perfect vase.

How to: Slice the top off the acorn squash or pumpkin and scoop out the meat. To make this extra special use a candle base as a holder for the gourd making a footed container. Now this is unique!





Pumpkin Vase

Pumpkins make the best vases, but picking the pumpkin for its unusual color makes it even more attention grabbing.
How to: Cut the top of the pumpkin off. Fill it with end of the season Fall hydrangeas, twisted grapevine, chrysanthemums or even try Montauk daisies.

pumpkin floral

Pumpkin vase with dried hydrangeas and Montauk daisies



Butternut Squash Vase

Butternut Squash have a natural vase shape . Pick one that stands evenly upright, cut the top and scoop out enough for water and floral stems. Do a grouping of more than one!.

buternut squash

Butternut Squash vases


Acorn basket

Use an old basket you’d love to throw away. Then take a glue gun and lots of acorns gathered from the yard. Glue the acorns on to cover. Fill the basket with a mixture of flowers, berries, small gourds or fruit.

Acorn Basket

Acorn Basket