If you are looking around for great decorating ideas for your big Halloween week, magazine stylist Karin Lidbeck has a few that will knock your socks off!


Party Table

GH-CP Haloween_145-2

Ceiling Swag

Materials for a 30” across swag:

1. (2) pieces of 1” x 1/8 x 30” balsa wood strips ( craft stores)
2. double stick tape
3. (1 ) roll each crepe paper black and orange
4. (6 ) scotch mounting squares


1. Cut multiple strips of orange and black paper to 10’ lengths each.

2. Run a continuous strip of scotch tape to one flat side of the first 30” balsa strip from end to end. Press crepe paper ends to tape on balsa strip from one end to the other overlapping slightly. Place three squares of scotch mounting squares evenly spaced on back side of the balsa and press to the ceiling centered over the table.

3. Run the double sided tape to the other balsa strip from end to end. Place three mounting square on the opposite side of that balsa strip. Press it to the ceiling so the double stick tape is facing down.

4. One by one pull the crepe paper over to the opposite balsa strip and press to the tape to hold forming the swag over the table allowing excess crepe paper to hang down. Make the crepe paper strips on outside shorter and longer in the center to create our effect.


Gravestone Chairs Covers

Materials to make 2 chairs :

1. (2) straight backed chairs
2. (2) pkg white crepe paper fold
3. (1) can gray spray paint
4. (1) jumbo black magic marker
5. black craft paint
6. (1) ½”stencil brush
7. (1 ) Xacto knife and a #7 blade for cutting stencil
8. (1 ) file folder ( to make stencil)


1. Lay the entire 8’ fold of white crepe paper outside flat on a paint tarp, plastic or on newspaper. Spray paint gray.

2. Lay your chair on top of the gray crepe paper. With a pencil trace the outline shape of the chair back onto the crepe paper adding 1.5 ” all around the sides and top.

3. Cut out one shape for the chair front and one for the chair back

4. Place right sides out, sew a ¼”seam around the top and sides. If you do not have a sewing machine, you can do the same thing with a glue gun around the edge of the tombstone.

5. Use the jumbo marker to decorate the tombstone using a ruler for straight lines or freehand for wavy line, trace the stencil RIP and the Bat onto a file folder using a window as a light box. Cut out stencil with an Xacto blade. Stencil graphics onto the tombstone.


Paper lanterns with spider webs and spiders

Use small to medium size paper lanterns (from a craft store) in the center of the table. To make the spider web effect you will need:

Materials :

1. Crepe paper rolls in black and white
2. Double stick tape
3. Scissors
4. Small plastic spiders
5. Glue gun and glue sticks


1. Cover the back of the crepe paper with double stick tape.

2. Cut various strips of 1/8 wide crepe paper lengths to duplicate a spider web effect.

3. Press strips to lanterns to iimitate a sider web design. glue on spiders with a glue gun.


Wreath and Flying Bats



1. (1) 22 inch stryofoam wreath
2. (1) 18 inch Styrofoam wreath
3. ( 1) pkg black and orange crepe paper folds
4. (10) black pipe cleaners
5. (5) round clothespins
6. Black spray paint
7. hot glue gun
8.(1) downloaded bat pattern
9. straight pins
10. Floral U pins
11. Black Kryon satin paint

Bats – Method:

1. Find your favorite bat stencil here

2. Placing bat pattern on the crepe paper fold cut out 10 bats

3. Spray paint 10 clothespins black

4. You need one pipe cleaner for each wing. Using the glue gun attach one end of each pipe cleaners to the center of the clothespin.

5.Glue each pipe cleaner to the top edge of the each wing


Bat Wreath method:

1. Place small wreath inside large wreath.

2. Cutting across the width and through all layers of the crepe paper fold, cut the fold into four even sections. Unwrap each section into long lengths.

3. Wrap the wreaths with the paper lengths around and around the wreath to cover. Slightly gather the paper so it has a folded effect as it wraps around the wreath to get a dimensional texture. Use the pins to hold the crepe paper in place.

4. Gather sticks from the yard or cut from a tree. Spray with Black Krylon paint.

5. Spray Floral U pins black. Use Floral U pins to adhere the sticks to the wreath forming a circle of nbranches on the wreath

6. Adhere the bats to the branches with clothespin clasp or using a glue gun

Mantle bow

GH-CP Haloween_094


1. (2) packages of black crepe paper fold. ( available at AC Moore stores or at Party city.com)
2. Mounting square
3. Green floral wire
4. Tape


1. Use one package of black crepe paper fold to make the bow. Open up the entire 8 ft fold and lay it out flat. Cut to 6’. Fold each edge in 4” along both 6’ sides. Fold the entire length of crepe paper in half again.

2. With 6 ft length laying in front of you bring both outside edges to middle and overlap by approx. 6 “. Tape overlap.

3. Cut a 10” x 14” length of crepe paper and fold it over itself and wrap around the center of the bow to form the middle. Pull to back and tape closed gathering bow in center.

4. Use 3 scotch mounting squares to adhere the center an ends of the bow to the mantle.

5. Take the second package of black paper fold, open and lay out entire length flat. Fold entire 8’ length in half. Open and cut along fold line so you have ( 2) 8” lengths. Fold each 8 ‘ length in half again. The 2, 8’ lengths will be the trailing ribbon for each side of the mantle

6. Gather one end of each ribbon tightly and wrap with wire, place under the bow and attach to the mantle with a scotch mounting square. Pull ribbon out to the corner of the mantle, turn for a pretty ribbon effect and gather the ribbon again with wire at corner. Adhere to mantle.

7. Fold the ribbon over itself and let it hang down the side of the mantle, Use small pieces of mounting tape to adhere the ribbon to the mantle sides for a swaged draped effect.

Paper candy favors

GH-CP Haloween_032


1. Assorted crepe paper folds in white, black and orange ( grey was achieved by spraying white gray)
2. Double stick tape
3. Scissors
4. (1) package of Renaissance Halloween scrap book emblems (craft store)
5. 1/8 or ¼” ribbon rolls


1. Cut out crepe paper to go around toilet paper rolls and extend beyond edges of roll by 4” on each side.

2. Tape back seam to hold. Use ribbon to tie ends.

3. Make variations by adding second layer of colors, fringing ends, adding borders, folding and cutting crepe papers as desired.

4. Add Halloween stickers and emblems as finishing touch.

5. To make spider web design follow same directions as spider web paper lantern above.