From Halloween through to Christmas we try to hold on to the last vestiges of summer by decorating the outside of our homes with whatever is readily available from the Fall harvest or in nature at the moment. Magazine Stylist, Karin Lidbeck has created these Fall doors that have graced the pages of  Good Housekeeping Magazine. It is time to remove the Halloween scary decor and replace it with those harvest elements – dried corn wreaths, twig wreaths and vines of bittersweet. Here is a secret…. when you are ready to put up your Christmas and holiday decorations, it will be very easy to incorporate some of these New England Autumn Door Decorating Ideas.

Door Decorating How-to’s

Wreaths are a natural decoration for doors. Here are some favorites that Karin created for features that she styled for Good Housekeeping magazine.


Corn Wreath & Corn Stalk Door

Karin found a local farmer who was willing to sell her the corn stalks right right out of his field which she brought home and placed into the urns next to the door. (If you are not in a rural area, check out your local nursery.) Karin placed them in a smaller container to hold the stalks closer together and wrapped them in twine. Add small pumpkins and gourds at the base to stabilize.

The wreath is made from Mini Indian corn . Karin cut a large wreath shape from a cardboard box and used a glue gun to adhere individual corns in the circle.

Fall door decorating ideas corn

Nut wreath

If you have acorns falling from your tree gather a bucket full. Buy a grapevine wreath from your local craft store and hot glue the acorns and additional nuts you can purchase from the grocery store onto the wreath. Add some fall leaves and you have the perfect Fall wreath! For Christmas, you might want to remove the leaves and attach this wreath with florist wire on top of a large green Christmas wreath. Add a big red bow!


Fall leaves

If you want to spruce up your entry for a Fall party or Thanksgiving this is a great way to create a quick great look. It should look fresh for a few days so be sure to do it close to your event. Prune a tree of unwanted branches or cut saplings from the woods. Use tacks and twine to hold the branches next to the door to create an arbor of color. Add a few pumpkins and gourds to hide the bottom of the branches. To extend the life of the branches, put the ends in small buckets of water.

Fall door decorating ideas leaves


Fall garlands

Double up store bought garlands of silk leaves so you have a thicker than usual border around the door. Then add small branches of real leaves pushed into the garland to bring it alive. Place a grouping of pumpkins and large gourds on the stoop.

Fall door decorating ideas leaves


Bittersweet by the yard

Cut lots of bittersweet gathered from along the road and wire it together to create a long garland. Frame it around the door and add some pumpkins and gourds on the stoop. Keep this garland and use on top of green garlands for Christmas or bring in the house and mix with greens on your fireplace mantel.




All projects produced for Good Housekeeping by Karin Lidbeck and Photographsby Michael Partenio, Tria Giovan, Andre Baronowski