What? It’s that time of the year again?


Christmas wrapping with newspaper

It’s a funny time of the year. We say goodbye to summer which catapults us into high gear for fall. The seasons change from sizzling to cool and the memories of hot cocoa, fireplaces blazing and shorter days are rekindled.

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving and Christmas are upon us!



We’re Shopping!

We’re getting a head start on our shopping list this year. Even though it might sound a little premature, it is easier to get the shopping out of the way so you can enjoy the festivities ahead.

First, we have our own Christmas Pop-up Store this year. Every week we’ll be adding very carefully selected items that we think you would like. Our focus is on gifts for those hard-to-buy for people namely – in-laws, kids (that are not your own) and yes, for that person who has everything. Are you going to a bunch of parties? You might find some special Christmas ornaments here that won’t break the bank. After all, it is the thought that counts. If you are craving a Christmas from your childhood, look for those ornaments (and yes TINSEL!) that were popular then.


We’re Pinning!

This year we have a Christmas Idea list PINTEREST BOARD to help inspire your gift giving ideas. Any suggestions? Let us know or join our Christmas Gift List on Pinterest and add it there!


MEANWHILE, We invite you to follow or join in the following Pinterest boards. These boards are meant to be an inspirational group file folder. Contribute and share your ideas with others. Consider it a file folder of ideas!


Email us at Whoswho@thedailybasics.com for an invite to any of the following boards:

Christmas Decorating Style

Christmas & Holiday Gift Wrapping

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Gift List



To launch off the season, we’d like to share how we celebrate the holidays around here.

We believe in:

  • Making the wrapping as important as the gift, isn’t that half the fun of opening up a present?
  • Use and re-use wrapping materials. (we’re not a fan of store bought wrapping paper but love the ribbons!)
  • We get and decorate the tree on Thanksgiving Weekend
  • We love stocking stuffers
  • We celebrate the season all through December until January 6th
  • We make many of our decorations and gifts and do it with the children, teens and young adults – after all, isn’t that how you pass down traditions?
  • We buy one big present for our close loved ones and many little ones that are useful – it’s the thought that count
  • We play way too many Christmas songs – and love them
  • We watch all the old Christmas movies
  • We never, NEVER, have said that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. This is the season for giving of oneself and thinking of others. Isn’t that what Santa is all about?