Okay civilians. Time to give a round of applause to all of those spouses who stay home while their other half goes off to serve our country. The military spouse is a breed unto themselves. They are strong, self-sufficient, multi-tasking individuals, primarily wives, who do double duty as Mom and/or Dad during times of deployment. Not only that, they live on a military salary for doing extraordinary work, and make do with life choices that the average person would never even consider. They rise to the occasion and they do so with honor, love, courage and pride.

There are a few places we’d like you to join us in cheering them in the blogosphere that we have listed below. The Wife/Life/ Military Mommy Bloggers who have put themselves out there and developed communities and friends through blogging and social media are the unsung heroes of our military. The are what keep our soldiers strong and focused. Give them a round of applause for keeping the homefires burning bright and do saunter over to some of these websites and say hi… and thank them for their service!


top mommy

Top Military Wife/Life Bloggers

from Top Mommy Blogs.com

Top Mommy Blogs, in case you didn’t know, is a fabulous community of mommy bloggers. This list of favorite military wife bloggers include blogs such Army Wifestyle and The Flores Garden. If you are a military mom, join the group!




Mom and Me

from A favorite list of Top Military Moms.

Read the posts in the section of Mom and Me’s, A Salute to Military Moms and amongst them you’ll find a list of Top Military Mom Blogs by Paige Hewlett. If you know of any military wives, this section will be of interest to you.


[quote author=”Paige Hewlett, Army Wife & Writer”]Sure, there are benefits, but this life we lead can be chaotic, overwhelming and uncertain. One of the hardest things about following military spouse blogs is the transient nature of this life: people move, family dynamics change, service members retire or leave service.

Below are 15 blogs and two online resources by (and for) military spouses. I’d love to hear your favorites or — if you are a military spouse — connect with you![/quote]





SpouseBuzz.com is part of the Military.com website. This is more of the nuts and bolts for military families, but they have a nice human link between the families and the military. Here you can find categories such as Deployment, Reintegration, Marriage & Family, Military Life, Careers & Education and Moving Around. If you need any information about family life and the military, this is good place to start.

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Special Personal Shoutout:

To my special sister-in-law, Susan, who for 28 years has been the rock to my Lt. Col. brother, Adrian, and their three amazing kids, Adrian, Catherine and Sarah! Saluting you all on Veteran’s Day!