Don’t you just love the changing of the seasons? The fragrant buds of spring, piles of bright orange fall leaves, and winter’s first snowfall can be incredibly inspiring when it comes to your home’s décor.

That said, decorating for the seasons can be tricky. I once told my husband that I wish I had different sets of furniture stored in the basement to swap out each season. He looked at me like I was crazy, but I still think a large basement is coming with my next home.

As fun as it would be to have all-new furniture every season, simply changing out accessories will give you a refreshed feel without the expense and effort of a complete redesign. Here are a few of my favorite ideas for adding seasonal color to your home:


accent color


Add New Accent Pieces

A quick change of your accent pillows, curtains, throw blankets, picture frames, and other small decorative accessories can make a huge difference in the styling of your room. For instance, adding pops of bright red to your couch with pillows and throws will give it a cozy, holiday feel, while a rustic orange tablecloth in the dining room will scream “fall.”

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on these items, so you can afford to change them out often. And because they’re generally not bulky, storing them isn’t difficult oncethe new season has arrived.



Plan ahead and shop for these items after the season is over to save 50 percent or more off of the original price. Throw them in a storage box, and you’ll be delighted to rediscover these all-new accessories next season.


family photos

Swap Out Your Family Photos

Why leave the same photos in your frames all year round? Instead, switch up your framed photographs with seasonal photos. Thanks to the convenience of smart phones, we all tend to take photos of our family throughout the year, so show off your favorite snapshots, whether they’re of the kids jumping in leaves or building snowmen in the winter. As a bonus, regularly swapping out family photos encourages you to actually look through the hundreds of photos on your phone — and not leave them languishing in digital darkness.



Edit your photos first with free photo editing programs like PicMonkey to add fun filters or text and make your photos super special.


fresh Foliage

Freshen Things Up with Foliage

I just love using organic objects in my decorating — besides adding color and texture, they usually smell good, too! Seasonal color can be added simply by grabbing a bouquet of fresh flowers, arranging colorful fruits or vegetables in a favorite bowl, or potting up a favorite plant (blossoming varieties are my fave).

In the winter, try a bough of evergreen branches, or in the summer, pick some sunflowers from your garden. In the autumn, you’re sure to see various types of pumpkins along with some gorgeous burgundy mums on my front porch, and it makes me happy every time I enter my driveway. Why not venture out into your backyard to see what you can find?


Tape a grid over your vase to make arranging your seasonal finds easy and stylish!

What are some of your favorite ways to bring seasonal color into your home? I would love to hear your ideas!


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