Back in the day (a few years ago) when blogging first became the rage, we all hopped on to share our knowledge of our own little worlds. As we and the internet developed, blogs turned into websites, digital magazines and multi social media communities. However, there are a few home design bloggers who have stayed true to their mission and have developed their purpose into rich, heart-felt sites. Some write as if their blogs are diaries, others research the history of their focus and even others have developed the art of ‘the blog’ into a guide for living. The following three home design bloggers share the fact that they pour their heart and soul into their work and give of themselves selflessly.



Design the Life You Want to Lifelynn knowlton 2


Canadian, Lynn Knowlton has been blogging for a while, now. She talks about design, living a good life, her family, her treehouse … her family’s journey through cancer. She poetically rambles from the heart in her own unique style about such things as Christmas Made Easy or How to Knit a Chunky Wool Blanket ( I am SO doing this). She doesn’t blog every day or every week for that matter. If you sign up for her newsletter you’ll get the occasionally shot of Lynn and after you’ve read it, you’ll click off, take a deep sigh of satisfaction and happily await until the next notice appears in your in-box.


Favorite Thing

It’s ALL great, but this tree house the Knowlton’s have going on is fabulous! They live 2 hours northwest of Toronto and offer this as a vacation rental! It’s just a good example on how this family lives their life. They build, explore and enjoy. There is a lot to be learned here. A lot.

Check her out:


The Entertaining Housedownload


Jessica Gordon Ryan has ALWAYS been a magnificent writer. As a matter of fact, if her name sounds familiar, it is because she is a long standing contributor on The Daily Basics. Jessica has recently had a site facelift that is absolutely stunning. It is clean, easy to navigate and filled with wonderful life notes on Travel, Lifestyle, Fashion, Decor, Food, Entertaining and Books.


Favorite Thing

We’re partial to her posts on Fashion & Decor, although EVERYTHING Jessica writes is stunningly enchanting. She’ll introduce you to party planners, how to use shocks of color in decorating and even how to make seasonal transitions in your home!

Check her out: Jessica Gordon Ryan





My Soulful Home


Kelly over at My Soulful Home brings her own musings, projects and recipes out in full force. This magazine stylist talks about some basics – How to Decorate a Bookcase, Christmas Mantel Decorating Tips and DIY topics ranging from Re-purposing a Sweater & Napkin into a Pillow to Spray Paint Monogram! She is a real, honest to goodness home design and craft blogger.

Favorite Thing

Kelly is all about Christmas at this time of the year and you will be, too, when you read her post on Christmas crafting with Sabrina Soto for the kick off “Make it with Michael’s Pinterest Party”! One of the perks of being a blogger is that you develop relationships with brands and friendships with other bloggers that give your great experiences and super material for your blog! Share in her journey!

Check her out: My Soulful Home