It is nippy in a good part of the country now and nothing sounds better than a bowl of piping hot soup, crusty bread and a huge salad for dinner.   Here are three favorite different, hearty soups that might fit the bill for a cold winter’s night!


Red Lentil Soup with Ham and Curry

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Talk about an easy and super delicious soup; this is it. And not having a ham bone is no excuse.  I took the easiest route possible with this soup. Overnight in a crockpot… SCORE! Lentils fall apart much quicker than larger beans so the overnight cooking really did turn them and the veggies into a smooth and less chunky soup but I’m glad I did it. The ham fell off the bone and it was tender and so flavorful. And simple. Beyond the basics of carrots, onion, celery, stock and beans was some curry. Some good curry.




Cream of Mushroom Soups with White Wine & Leeks

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So easy and so good; mushroom soup will never be coming from a can again!

Much like homemade tomato soup, this is so good and so easy that I’m sometimes upset that I spent so many years using the prepared versions. But no regrets…as a girl they were the perfect beginning to my ‘cooking’ experience; even learning to whisk as I added the water milk according to directions.



Chicken or Turkey Soup  with Dumplings

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My grandmother made a version of this soup and my mother before me and I’ve been cooking it for years; I think the mushrooms, white wine and balsamic vinegar are my twists on an old and comforting favorite.This is my tried and true dish for friends that are sick…I have a feeling some will even fake a cold if it means I pull out the stockpot and make chicken and dumplings for them!