Freelance Career Opportunities: Empowering Women to Live Life on Their Terms


Who: Swarovski’s Touchstone Crystals



Business:   Consultant for Swarovski Jewelry’s new line of jewelry, Touchstone Crystals.

Candidates: Women or Men – Stay-at-home Moms, Working Moms who want to stay-at-home; Women returning to the work force; Those who want to supplement their income

Requirements:  Social Butterflies, Party Givers, Enthusiastic

Time Requirement:  4 to 8 hours a week.  The more you work, the more money you make.

Salary Potential: Average of $1600. to $9,000. a month

Location: Where you live


What’s it all about:

When Swarovski got in touch with us to talk about this new program, we got super excited.   After all, who WOULDN’T want to work for Swarovski?  For over a century, this iconic company has produced some of the most magnificent jewelry, clothing and furnishing in the world.

One of Swarovski’s missions is to bring a line of jewelry directly to the every women across the country at an affordable price, jewelry you can put on in the morning that will make you sparkle and feel pretty and is appropriate to wear to the grocery store, every day at work and on date night with your honey.

Swarovski came up with an idea of enabling every day women to sell a specially designed, extremely reasonably priced line of their jewelry called Touchstone Crystals.   They offer everything from everyday classics to bridal jewelry and it is all truly beautiful.  The only way to buy this exclusive line is through a consultant, who Touchstone calls their Glambassadors. They earn between 25% to 40% on sales making on the average of $1600. a month on the low end upward to $9000.+ a month – all on their own time, their own terms…. this is their own business.




Besides the money, there are reward incentives all along the way, free jewelry, world class vacations and the ultimate one being a new BMW.

This is a ‘social shopping’ business that you will build based on how much or how little you want to work.  It is not difficult, actually it is a blast.  Based on the home party sales model, this is a way you can give a party and actually make money at it.  It can be as simple as having a cocktail party, perhaps a Margarita or Martini Party.  To start you off, we have an article on ‘How to Throw the Best Oscars Party’ coming out in a few weeks. ! Invite your friends for a great evening and give them the opportunity to buy bling and sparkle like the stars on the Red Carpet.




It’s not hard to start and you will never be on your own. We will introduce you directly to the head honcho at Touchstone Crystals or to someone in your area that can be with you at your parties and help you get started in an easy, comfortable way.  You will get training, marketing support and your own Touchstone Crystal affiliated website where your customers can order from you directly.

This is not too good to be true.  Touchstone Crystals is interested in giving women a choice on how to live their lives and how to make money to support that decision. This is their way of giving back to their community in a fun, thoughtful and economically exciting way.

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