jackie bernardi

Back in 2008, Nora Ephron’s book I Feel Bad About My Neck made women over 40 worldwide realize that they were not alone in how they felt about their necks. We all learned a horrible truth… our faces might belie our age, but the neck doesn’t.

It’s usually during the 40s that we start seeing how badly damaged our skin is from sun exposure, life style choices, and genetics. This shows up prominently on the neck and chest in the form of redness and loose skin. If you wear turtlenecks, big jewelry, or scarves to hide your neck, then I’ve got some tips to help you..

3 steps to a better looking neck (and chest)

1.  Extend your skin care routine down to your neck and chest. Use the same cleanser, exfoliator, toner, serums and moisturizers on your neck and chest that you use on your face. The whole area should benefit from the active ingredients in your products. If you are not sure which ingredients are best for your skin, or how to use them, get a copy of my book Gorgeous Skin After Forty.

2.  Apply a physical sunscreen with an SPF of 30+ to your neck and chest daily. Not only is the protection important, but the way light reflects off of physical sunscreens creates a softer, less more even skin tone. It can even take the edge off of any redness.

3.   Cover any remaining redness or discoloration with a BB cream. Here’s why I’m so specific – we’ve done an amazing job letting product manufacturers know that we want foundations that provide a more natural look. In doing so, they’ve responded by making foundations super sheer and light. Too light to cover up the redness from sun damage that is common for women in our age group. BB creams are thicker and provide a much more even (but natural) look for the neck and chest. Be sure to set it with a light dusting of powder. My favorite BB cream is Bobbi Brown’s, I call it my neck perfecter!.

But wait, what about your hands???

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