Hair Tutorial Youtube Channels

If you’ve spent any time on Youtube you’ll know that hours can pass and you’ve found yourself watching bad video followed by worse. We’ve found three really fabulous Hair Tutorial Youtube Channels that you can take a look at, subscribe to you’d like, but rest assured, they all have something for everyone and you won’t be wasting your time.


Essie Button

We really like Estee of Essie Button. Her videos are all about beauty and health and she is totally adorable. We’ve pulled the hair tutorials she does for All Thing Hair out here and since Estee’s hair is thin, this one is for all of you who want to add volume to yours without extensions.

Website: EssieButton
Youtube videos: Essie Button
Facebook: EssieButton
Instagram: EssieButton
Pinterest: EssieButton
Twitter: @EsseieButton

Luxy Hair Tutorials

Luxy Hair sells clip-in hair extensions and was started by two sisters, Mimi and Leyla. Along with company came the Youtube Channel which has super styling tutorials that you are going to love watching… even if you don’t want hair extensions!

Website: Luxy Hair
Blog: Luxy Hair Blog
Facebook: LuxyHair
Instagram: Luxy Hair
Pinterest: LuxyHair
Twitter: @LuxyHair

Theodore Leaf

A celebrity hairstylist, Theodore has his own Youtube Channel and is Editor at Large for Glamour Magazine. We love his videos because they are practical and he addresses the every day woman’s hair issues.

Theodore’s website
Twitter: @theodoreleaf
Pinterest: Theodore Leaf
Instagram: Theodore Leaf