Shelf Pleasure Book Club – Week of February 16


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Does this scenario sound familiar to you? An idea pops into your head. You think it would make for a great book. Now, you really want to write that book. But then a crushing thought enters your mind, where would you find the time? Author Sandra Block shares how she managed to make her dream of being a writer a reality—while juggling a successful, demanding career as a neurologist with being a wife and mother. Her tips will have you well on your way to writing your debut novel.

Mitchell Kreigman, who you may know as the creator of the groundbreaking TV show Clarissa Explains It All, visits Shelf Pleasure to talk about his new novel that channels the iconic Audrey Hepburn. Mitchell answers our questions about this super fun read (and about Clarissa, of course!).


This week’s must-reads on Shelf Pleasure:

Dead Time By Sandra Block
Sandra Block’s suspense debut, Little Black Lies, releases this week. She answers the question everyone wants to know: “How did you find time to write a book?”

Mitchell Kreigman on Being Audrey Hepburn
Mitchell Kriegman, creator of Clarissa Explains It All (a childhood favorite!), talks about his new novel that will appeal to anyone who appreciates the grace, beauty and charm of the beloved Hepburn.

The Perfect Setting for Supernatural Stories By Elaine Calloway
Savannah, GA, is more than an ideal vacation spot. Author Elaine Calloway explains what makes this spooky city the perfect backdrop for a ghost story.

Shelf Pleasure Poll
The book or the movie—which do you prefer to experience first? Let us know!

Trailer of the Week: Game of Thrones
In honor of the upcoming fifth season of Game of Thrones, this tantalizing trailer is our pick of the week!


Game of Thrones






Stacy and Kristen are reading Emily Giffin’s The One and Only, a page turner about a youngish woman who realizes it’s time to take a chance and leave her small hometown. Shea Rigsby was born and raised in Walker, Texas, where the state religion is football and everyone knows everyone else. After attending college in Walker and spending more than 10 years working at the university, a tragedy forces Shea to grow up and face her fears. We can certainly relate as Shea sets out in the real world and discovers it’s okay to be herself and follow her passions.


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