Remember those days…


young mom   black aztec cardigan


when you could spend hours perusing your closet and enjoy a movie-montage try-on session to find the perfect outfit? For moms on the go, those carefree times can seem a lifetime ago, especially when you consider your best outfit to be anything that’s clean. From weekend errands to an impromptu invite for an afternoon cocktail, reduce stress (and piles of clothing in your bedroom) by creating three go-to outfits you can grab and go. (Tip: take a photo of your outfits and if not the exact pieces, always have something similar on hand.) Here’s one example of an easy, casual but polished look that’s simple to recreate.

Start with a dramatic draped cardigan:

Keep it interesting with a bold pattern and an eye-catching asymmetrical front. Aztec or tribal designs are trending like this one (at left) from Macy’s. Keep it simple under the cardigan with a solid tank or fitted tee.


black faux leather stretch pants

or  black stretch pants








Choose a comfortable pair of booties.













skinny jeans

Pair with a pair of skinny jeans

Finish with a long necklace like the Julie Vos Lorraine Necklace or if your little one is still teething and spends a lot of time on your hip, one from Jelly Strands