There is an aura, an allure, a je ne sais pas quoi about the French. They’ve got style, panache and they do their own thing – despite what trends might dictate. Perhaps it is because of that, they tend to be the trendsetters – the ones that everyone wants to emulate. Here are a couple of our favorite French design blogs and one inspiration Facebook page. When you visit them, you’ll see why they have that special something.

My French Country Home


Blog: Sharon Santoni

If you are dreaming about living in the French countryside, you must visit Sharon Santoni (her site, not her home). She lives in an old French home in Normandy and talks about French country living, shopping, family and brocante – second hand finds or antiquing, in France. On occasion, she might share an odd manor house or two that is for sale in France that you can fantasize about buying. Sharon conducts brocante tours, a has an online shop and yes, she even has a guest cottage.


 Vicki Archer of French Essence


vicky archer

Vicki Archer

Vicki Archer has so much more than just design on her site, but she has such a great French design style that we had to include her here. Her site actually has everything French from Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Paris and Provence. She also has Le Petit Bijou, a cottage for let. Hop on and visit her here. You will be delighted.


Provence Mon Amour

provence mon amour

Not what you think. Provence Mon Amour exists only on Facebook- that’s it, but the photos are so fabulous that you have to follow them. The colors, the mood, the buildings are inspirational. We had to include them in our favorites.