We'd like to welcome Robyn Webb!
Robyn Webb, MS, is a nutritionist, culinary instructor and the Food Editor for Diabetes Forecast Magazine, as the new Health & Wellness Editor to The Daily Basics. Robyn will talk about eating well and eating right; she’ll report on best practices to stay well and she’ll resurrect age old natural remedies and secrets that our grandmothers used .* You can see why we’re so excited to have her – she’s all about cultivating traditions and getting back to basics.


5 Simple Switches To Ease Pain, Look Better and Feel Great – Naturally

by Robyn Webb, MS


My grandmother and mother were always right. They knew it was possible to look and feel good by using natural foods not only for eating healthfully, but to solve a variety of ailments instead of resorting to expensive potions, lotions and pills. From soothing an annoying headache to keeping skin smooth and supple, here are my 5 favorite ideas with common foods you probably have right now in your pantry and refrigerator- all passed down to me courtesy of two very wise and savvy ladies.

ΘΥΜΑΡΙ2Take Your Thyme Bath


Skip the pricey bath oils which might very well leave your tub a bit slick. Instead, reach for an aromatic bundle of fresh thyme to make great use of this gentle herb in your inner sanctuary. Simply add about 6-7 thyme sprigs to a piece of cheesecloth, roll up and secure with string. As the warm water fills the tub, toss in the scented sachet and let it steep. Settle in and let the potent thyme oil release and do its job of making your skin super soft. Thyme is also wonderfully relaxing, so a restful sleep is just moments away.




Sip A Headache Away


Before you automatically reach for an over the counter pain reliever, turn to your stove instead. Peel a 3 inch piece of fresh ginger and add it to a pot of boiling water. Turn off the heat, let the ginger steep for 15 minutes. Strain it, pour the fresh tea into your favorite mug and sip that headache into oblivion.





Beautiful CuticlesOli_de_l'Empordà


Ever check the cost of those fancy cuticle creams? Open your cupboard and pour some olive oil into a bowl. Add your fingers, soak for 10 minutes, wipe off the excess and sit back and admire your gorgeous digits. It’s that simple. Ciao bella!




Make Some Elbow Room For Citrus


Here’s an idea that won’t cost you an arm and a leg but will definitely benefit your elbows. If your elbows are dry, cracked or discolored, cut a lemon in half, then dig each elbow into the lemon as if you were juicing it. Sit in this position for about 10 minutes. After a few citrusy treatments, you’ll be proud to bear the smooth, bright colored curve of both arms.



Don’t Give Up Sugar25_big


Even if you reduced your sugar consumption, don’t throw away the box just yet. Exfoliate your skin for pennies on the dollar by using a tablespoon of granulated sugar mixed in with your facial cleanser. Sugar, besides being completely natural, is less abrasive than commercially prepared exfoliators. Try this mixture once a week for that glowing, just scrubbed look. As I say, better sugar on the outside than on the inside!


* The ideas presented here are not a substitute for medical advice. Talk to your physician or health care professional for conditions that warrant further analysis.
health care professional for conditions that warrant further analysis.