Easter and Spring are almost upon us.  Here are some easy and beautiful decorating ideas that will help you welcome the change of seasons!


Umbrella Bouquet for your Door


  • Classic Umbrella with handle
  • 24 tulips
  • Large sandwich bags
  • Medium to large rubber bands



Preparing the Tulips:


1. Gather three grouping of tulips, 8 stems in each.

2. Place each group in a plastic bag, tie with a rubber band at middle, slowly drizzle water at faucet into bottom of each bag, allowing about 2 inches of water in bottom.

3. Make sure tulip bottoms are all in water and bag is pulled up tight around stems at bottom


To Hang the Umbrella on the Door


1. Tie a ribbon around the umbrella about a third of the way up from the bottom.

2. Place three bags inside top of umbrella, one on right, one on left and one in the center.

3. Position so flowers are arranged in between metal stays splaying out at the top.



Bulb Planter Vases for a Table Centerpiece

GH Spring B_089 centerpieces made with bulb plantersMaterials:

  • Metal bulb planters (garden centers)
  • 8” round terra cotta trays
  • Moss
  • Juice glasses (to fit inside bulb planters with water)
  • Hyacinths, grape hyacinths, Daffodils
  • Small decorative bird eggs



1. These Spring Vases are easy to make just by slipping a small juice glass inside each of the metal bulb planters and adding water to the glass.

2. Then arrange with early spring bulb flowers: Large Hyacinths, small Grape Hyacinths, or Muscari Hyacinths and Daffodils.

3. Place each bulb in the center of the tray.

4. Surround the planter vase on the terra cotta tray with thick sheet moss that is purchased from a floral or craft center.

5. If you have a yard or garden you can remove moss from earthy ground with a garden spade.

6. Slip the spade between the moss and the dirt and gently pull it up in sections, place it in the trays and mist moss once to keep moist.

7. For each planter:  4 large hyacinth 3 daffodils 5 Grape or Muscari Hyacinths.


Table cloth from Best Mongram



Tiny doorknob Vase Place Settings


Old doorknobs found at salvage and antique stores and flea markets can be used a mini vases.  They are perfect to place on the center of each plate with a small place card  at each setting at the dinner table.



  • Look for door knobs that are hollow or where the neck is closed with screws intact so water does not spill out.
  • Choose flowers with thin stems like pansies, grape hyacinths, or scilla, cut stems short to make tiny arrangements.



1. Fill each door knob with about a quarter inch of water in neck to keep flowers alive.

2. Add the flowers for a simple arrangement.



Floral Eggs

GH Spring B_108Decorating Easter Eggs with tiny flowers is easy when the flowers are artificial. Look for stems with multiple heads of tiny flowers from 1/8” in size to 3/8” in size. Some flowers can be pulled apart to make a small flower cluster and combine leaves and flowers from assorted stems to make floral designs. We used hard-boiled eggs, they will last up to four weeks, however if you wish to make eggs that are everlasting,  look for plain Styrofoam or wood eggs that can be decorated.



  • Eggs (hardboiled)
  • Egg dye ( leave eggs in dye bath for 2-4 minutes for soft pastel colors)
  • Assorted floral stems from Craft stores
  • ¼” sheer ribbons
  • Glue gun
  • Small sharp scissors



1. Hard boil the eggs, dye them with Easter colors and dry.

2. Start to decorate the eggs with ribbons and flowers adhering parts with the glue gun.

3. Add ribbon to eggs first if you are using ribbon. (Use our examples to get inspired with your own floral designs)

4. Remove flower heads from stems, they usually just pull off. Use scissors to cut excess from the back of the flower so it will lay flat against the egg. Place a dab of glue over back of flower and press onto the egg.

5. Remove leaves to add to designs, You can cut leaves into smaller shapes if needed.


Make a Twig Vase


  • 10” glass cylinder vase
  • 40 ( approx.) sticks cut to height of vase plus 1”
  • Large rubber band
  • Twine
  • Spring Blossoms like Apple or Cherry, White Vibernum, Hydrangea and Queen Anne’s lace



1. Gather twigs that are straight and cut to a height 1” to 2”taller than the cylinder vase.

2. Place the rubber band around the vase. Use the rubber band to hold the sticks in place as you add all of the sticks vertically around the glass cylinder.

3. Arrange so all of the sticks are straight and close together.

4. Wrap twine around and around the center to cover the rubber band and tie in the front.

5. Fill the natural vase with a combination of spring blooming branches spring hydrangeas and Queen Anne’s lace to accompany and fill.



Forsythia and eggs

4A decorative and festive way to hide the not so pretty ends of the forsythia branches is to fill the bottom of the glass vase with painted eggs.



  • Tall glass cylinder vase
  • Forsythia branches



1. Hard boil a dozen eggs first, 8 white and 4 brown eggs.

2. To color eggs use an enamel spray paint in a can.( Dyed eggs will lose their color in water and you might choose to spray paint them in a blue color.

3. Lay eggs on newspaper in a safe place and spray eggs with light coats of paint until completely covered.





.GH Spring B_171

Jelly Bean Vase



  • High ball glass that will fit into …
  • A cylindrical vase
  • Jelly beans
  • Tulips


1. Place a high ball glass inside the cylinder vase, pour jelly beans in between the two glasses to form a design of layered beans.

2. Pour water inside the center glass.

3. Cut stems short and arrange pink and white tulips in the center glass.






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