Leah Walker, one of our contributing travel writers, took a little time out this year for some personal business.  She discovered she had the BRCA gene, the gene that gave her the predisposition for developing breast and ovarian cancers.  She went public with her story, the loss of her Mom and her reasons for having a double mastectomy on her site, Leah’s Travels.

We wanted to share her courageous journey with you.



I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Angelina Jolie. No, not for being multi-talented, charitable, and ridiculously attractive, but instead for publishing her op-ed piece in TheNew York Times.

Because of Angelina’s 2013 article, “My Medical Choice,” I no longer have to explain in great depth why I’m choosing to have a double mastectomy and reconstruction, despite not being diagnosed with breast cancer.

My genetic cards were laid on the table in 2006. Along with my brown hair, blue eyes and tendency to freckle, my mother also passed along the BRCA gene, just as Angelina’s mother passed it on to her. With this mutation, I have approximately an 85% chance of developing breast cancer and a 25% chance of developing ovarian cancer in my lifetime.”


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