There is something very comfortable about a wood planked interior room. If feels cozy, rustic and adds tons of charm to any space. Adding planking to your walls, whether it is just under a chair rail, the entire wall or the ceiling is a great upgrade and here are three method on how you can do it yourself.


Plywood Sheet Method

aka: From Scratch

This method is the way it used to be done in the good old days. Either you or your lumber yard will cut sheets of wood into the strips that you will carefully space out carefully on the walls. Brittany Bailey of Pretty Handy Girl has a great step by step tutorial showing you everything from how to buy your wood to how to cut, install and paint it.


handy girl 1handy girl 2.


Tongue & Groove Planked Walls

Sandra Powell, or Sawdust Girl as she is otherwise known, had a few diy posts on how to install tongue and groove planking, but even better she does have a video to go along with it. Tongue and groove comes in pre-cut lengths that actually fit into each other to form a snug fit. Sandra will show you just how to do it.


sawdust girl before sawdust girl



For that rough, natural look, you might want to go the pre-made, pre-cut, pre-stick way. What you pay in the bigger price tag in buying this wood, you save in labor and time. This is a major DIY project that you can probably do in a day. This is where Stikwood comes in. Pretty new to the market, Stickwood has several different woods from which to chose. It has three pre-glued strips on the back of each plank and all you do is peel and stick. No joke. And… it looks amazing.